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Alphabetical Frameology

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Tarwater, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Tarwater

    Tarwater Well-Known Member

    J-frames, k-frames, n-frames. I'm a little confused as to what these labels mean. Could someone point me to an explanation of the different revolver frame types?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. highlander 5

    highlander 5 Well-Known Member

    let's see S&W frame sizes J frame the various small "pocket" pistols in 38 spl or 357 mag.,K frame Model 19 and 66 I believe 357mag,L frame beefier frame than the K frame design was for the lighter bullet loads in 357 mag loads,N frame model 28 in 357
    mag ,model 57 41 mag and model 29 44 mag and the same frame used for the various 45 cal cartridges X frame the biggest frame S&W makes 500 and 460 magnum. Does that help?
  3. Bart Noir

    Bart Noir Well-Known Member

    For Colts:

    Let me step in here, with a list I put together from some other, smarter forum posters, to include (as always) the incomparable dfariswheel.

    AA - King Cobra (new action)
    D - Detective Special, Cobra, Agent, Commando, Diamondback, Police Positive, Viper
    DA - Double Action .45
    E - Army Special, Officers Model Match, Officers Model Target, Official Police (old)
    F - Reproduction percussion revolvers as a group
    G - .22 Peacemaker, .22 New Frontier
    I - Python, Trooper (old), .357 Magnum
    J - Lawman Mk III and V, Official Police Mk III, Metropolitan Mk III, Trooper Mk III and V
    K - Frontier Scout 1962 (new)
    MM - Anaconda
    O - Government Model
    P - Single Action Army
    Q - .22 Frontier Scout, .22 Buntline Scout (old)
    S - Postwar Woodsman
    SF-VI - Detective Special, 1993 model (also DS II, and Magnum Carry)
    V - Short action version of the J frame (Trooper Mark V, the Boa, and Peacekeeper)

    So there is big difference between a J-frame S&W and a J-frame Colt, and between an I-frame S&W and an I-frame Colt :)

    Bart Noir
  4. svtruth

    svtruth Well-Known Member

    Very helpful

    This would be good as a sticky.
  5. Froggy

    Froggy Well-Known Member

    Small framed revolvers are "J".

    Medium framed revolvers are "K" and "L".

    Large framed revolvers are "N".

    And the really big guys are "X".

    But, as always, pictures are worth thousands of words.

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