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Best 4" barrel models

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 3rmnfqul, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. 3rmnfqul

    3rmnfqul New Member

    Hey all :)

    Can I get some advice on good auto-pistols to choose from? It's going to be for daily AIWB carry in .40S&W. I'm looking for something less than a full-size but hate guns where my pinkie hangs off the end of the handle (and I hate magazine extensions). So essentially this means I'm looking at pistols that have approximately a 4" barrel or are about 7" in total length. Pistols like the SIG P229 and Glock 23 fit these parameters. The SIG P239 would also fit these parameters because it has a hand-sized handle/grip. I was hoping to get advice on other models/makes I might try that also come in these sizes. For example, the M&P is only available in Full-size and Pint-sized so it is out. But I believe H&K makes some models that would qualify for consideration? I would love to see Pistol Trial results (like the U.S. Government sometimes conducts) to see how various models hold up. I plan to rent the top recommondations at the range and see which I like best for purchase. Love to hear any insights you all have on plus/minuses for the various models you recommend, if you have any experiences you care to share. For example, one negative for P229 would be weight. But weight can sometimes be good for controlling recoil. Will carrying the weight on daily basis be a big negative to avoid?

  2. Paul7

    Paul7 Well-Known Member

    Beretta PX4 Storm.
  3. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    If you're using terms referenced to Glock, that is probably correct. However, if you compare practical sizes, and not terminology you'll find the full size M&P has a shorter barrel than the G17, but slightly longer than the G19. The compact M&P has a 4" barrel so it is the same length as the G19, but bigger than the G26. It may be worth your while to actually handle them.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  4. CPshooter

    CPshooter Well-Known Member

    H&K P2000 or USP compact would be a nice choice in that size category. So would a Walther P99. I have a P229 .40 and love it for home defense and range fun, but I wouldn't want to carry it all day long. It's pretty fat in terms of side-to-side width and it's heavy when fully loaded. Like I said, a blast to shoot at the range, but not practical for IWB carry.

    Glock 23 is a solid choice if concealed carry is the primary role of the gun. A lot of firepower in a pretty small and streamlined package. That being said, I don't like that the Glock .40s have such unsupported chambers. I'd rather have a 19 than the 23. The XD 4" is also a great shooting .40 (my first ever handgun), but a little chunky and heavy for a polymer framed gun IMO. Again, not my first choice for concealed carry.

    If it really has to be a .40 and it has to be a concealable 4" gun with a full length grip, an H&K would probably be my choice, all things considered. A P2000 w/ LEM trigger would make for a very nice concealed carry weapon that could also hold its own at the range.

    Good luck with your search!
  5. SpentCasing

    SpentCasing Well-Known Member

    G23 and dont look back.
  6. Takem406

    Takem406 Well-Known Member

    Thats my next pistol! Glocks are solid and parts are cheap and easy to upgrade.
    I used to be one of those kids that sat in my mom's basement and trash talk Glocks as my mom made me a snack.
    Till last December when I bought a 27. I've had an XDM for the past year and a half and love it. However after shooting a Glock I probably won't buy another XDM. The triggers on a Glock even factory are better, you can change your own sights out, trigger upgrades are about $100 cheaper, parts are easy to find.
    I'd almost trade my XDM for a Glock except I have a never trade or sell a gun that fictions policy.

    In God and Glock we Trust
  7. greenlion

    greenlion Well-Known Member

    Glock 23 !
  8. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Glock 32.
  9. blackrussian

    blackrussian Well-Known Member

    CZ P07 Duty
    Steyr M40A1
  10. highpower

    highpower Well-Known Member

    Springfield XD-9 service model, 4" barrel and the same size as a G19
  11. needmorecowbell

    needmorecowbell Well-Known Member

    CZ P06 would be my 1st choice. 40S&W version of the awesome NATO tested and approved P01.
  12. pat701

    pat701 member

    Your kinda picky in this gun buying panic. Sig P239 my vote if you can get one.
  13. 3rmnfqul

    3rmnfqul New Member

    Hi, JTQ. Great points!

    I have handled the M&Ps. The full-size is 7.63" overall length. I want something closer to 7". Plus the full-size has a beaver-tail, which I do not want for the AIWB carry I plan to do. The Glock 23 is 7.28" overall. I really don't want to go bigger than 7.28". Barrell length is one measure, but overall length also matters. I have shot the M&P compact. I had major issues with it. #1: the gun was too small. I want a little longer barrel than it's 3.5". #2: I hate it when my pinkie hangs off the end of the gun handle and this is the case with the compact. #3: If I use the M&Pc magazine extension, my pinkie literally got black & blue from getting pinched in-between the extension and the magazine lip when I fired the gun. But further, I'd rather just have a longer magazine tube that can hold an extra round or two. The idea of using a magazine-extension to accommodate too short a handle strikes me as being a design flaw in the pistol itself that the user has to compensate for.

    Bottom line: M&P has a big gap in their product lineup because they don't have a medium-sized pistol. It's too bad because I really like the M&P otherwise. But neither of their sizes are what I am looking for.
  14. 3rmnfqul

    3rmnfqul New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    What is the difference between the HK P2000, P30, USPc? Which model is best for my planned use?

    Where can I get more info on the Springfield XD? The springfield website I found requires Flash Player and I don't use Flash Player so I apparently can't browse their website. Any other sites that showcase the different models and specs?
  15. RBid

    RBid Well-Known Member

    Awhile back, I spent some time trying on different pistols and a few holster models for IWB carry. I came to the conclusion that my tipping point for comfortable IWB was between the size of my PPQ (too large) and SR9c (extremely comfortable and easy to conceal). When I tried on a Glock 19, I realized that it was a perfect size reference. Not being a Glock guy, I spent some time looking at options that were similar in size to a G19/G23. In the end, I realized that I had been spending too much time trying to find something that size, because there were two options that are EXACTLY that size.

    Due to a decision relating to ammunition availability, I now own and carry a G23. I have already decided that my next firearm will be another G23. While it is not my favorite firearm (I love my PPQ!), I really appreciate it for what it is.

    Don't spend too much time trying to find an answer that you've already found.

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