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Browning 1911 22 worth having for ~$500?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Angel Eyes, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Angel Eyes

    Angel Eyes New Member

    I think the Browning 1911 22 "may" be a hot seller due to the fact it appears at this time to be a limited anniversary production, there are few mid size 22 autos to choose from and the more famous ones like Walther PPKs (22.5oz)and Beretta 87 (20 oz)are at least 50% more expensive and hard to find. Of course, you could buy a Bersa 22cal (18oz) for 50% less but none of these are American Made, and not offered in 1911 style which is a proven seller.
    Maybe next year, if the production continues, Browning will increase the price a reasonable amount and make this pistol with a real steel slide like the previous three models mentioned as it would only add about ~30% more in weight, give it a nice hefty, quality feeling that it is going to last 25K rds.,thus putting it in the range of those mentioned. Perhaps the extra weight found in those others is not just in their steel slide but a beefier frame. Whatever the weight of the steel slide on those three examples, the 22cal has no problem cycling in those models with any HV 22 ammo you feed them based on all the reviews I have found. Next, put real walnut grips with US engraved on it, offer it in polished blue, matte black and OD green finishes and there would be a one year waiting list to get one!!!
    Browning better move quick or “IMO”- Rock Island Armory will move to first place and take away a lot of their orders with their all chrome molly 4140 steel slide and frame, (36oz) clone of the 1911 called the XT It appears there is one with a polymer frame and steel slide called the SP22 imported and sold by Armsco. (See Google images) They will also release it in a new 22cal “magnum” round called the TCM. Most think the price will be slightly less than $500.00 to take away sales from Browning but even if $150 more, would be a better buy for big guys with big hands who shoot a lot!! I would take a quality full size 1911 in 22cal in steel over a mid size one with Aluminum construction any day. Hopefully, it will be on the market soon as Sept 2011 was the approx release date per most websites. (http://dev.rockislandarmory.com/index.php/14-rokstories/28-xt-22)
  2. conhntr

    conhntr Well-Known Member

    Browning is made in usa?
    An alloy frame 1911 can handle 25000 45acp why wouldnt it be able to handle 22lr?
  3. Angel Eyes

    Angel Eyes New Member

    Video of a Browning rep at the Shot Show states it will be made in Salt Lake City as it is already tooled up and making the famous Buck Mark 22 pistol and they wanted it to be American Made for lots of great reasons

    Since it has an aluminum alloy slide, with critical areas made with steel inserts, total gun weight is 15 ozs. Will it hold up to heavy use and is it worth $500? Browning says it did pass a 25K rds test in the Vegas Shot show video if I remember correctly.

    Owners, of German made Sig + GSG full size 22 cal 1911 clones also with Al alloy slides, have reported cracked, blown out sections of those slides next to the breech, also anodized finish not durable, and backed up with photos on various forums after only 1000 rds!! They sell for $300-$375 with Sig being the most expensive but appears to be the same pistol in every aspect.

    Did Browning, with half the pistol weight- 15oz vs 32oz, mfr an Al alloy slide superior + beefier enough in critical areas not to fracture with heavy use but still allow it to cycle HV ammo flawlessly?

    I believe the answer is yes, but if you also take into account an anodized matte finish on Al is not as durable as blued steel and plastic grips on a light weight pistol could make it feel and look like a cheap toy after heavy use. Is that the recipe of a 100 year anniversary special to make it a hot seller? I believe not.

    I am going to wait and see if they offer it next year with improvements I mentioned in my first post or just might get a full size Armscorp SP22 if they are imported in time for Xmas!!

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