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Busy gun stores aren't just media hype.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Gottahaveone, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Gottahaveone

    Gottahaveone Well-Known Member

    I'm trying really hard to find a nice Mosin M38. I called 4 different gun stores in the Charlotte area today and in every single case, they were just overwhelmed. Hopefully this is the case across the country. And maybe this will send a message to DC that this is still too hot of a button to push with the American people right now.
    BTW...do you have a M38 for sale? PM me pls...
  2. IN>IL

    IN>IL Well-Known Member

    You're not kidding... I went to two gun shops in Fort Wayne today and both were really busy. One owner who I trust told me he sold six AR15s today.
  3. Claude Clay

    Claude Clay Well-Known Member

    greater hartford, ct

    3 area stores today and all were the busiest i have EVER seen them.
  4. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    No doubt!
    Was in Vance's in Columbus just before the election and there were 20+ (Nearly 30) people waiting to see the gun sales staff. You have to take a number, so I know how many it was. You only need the number to get ammunition behind the counter or look at/buy guns. Other typical stuff, accessories, shotgun shells, 22 ammo, etc. are available on the sales floor. I personally have never seen that particular store that busy. It was on a week day, about 1:30 pm. I know they were selling guns like crazy also, because of all the long cardboard boxes waiting for the cashier. Unfortunatelly, I couldnt wait and didnt buy anything. :uhoh: I'll have to go back.:D
  5. JeffLrrp

    JeffLrrp Active Member

    Went to my local Gander mountain, which on a good night sees about 30-50 people (I know because I frequent it a lot :eek:). Anyway, stopped in today for a couple boxes of 20GA buckshot and counted 85 people in the firearms section alone. Whole families of every nationality and hue buying up guns. Ammo ws flying off the shelf. All the scurrying around for guns made me wish I had a couple hundred dollars for a new gun :(
  6. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    its been hard to find nice M38's for 2 + years now. most places only have 91/30 or M44's. the few that do have M38's only have refurbs or beat downs
  7. 74shovel

    74shovel Member

    Stopped by Sportsman Warehouse today needed a few reloading items. No CCI primers and no Winchester 748 the two items I wanted. Shelves were pretty empty and I noticed the gun counter was busy.
  8. tmajors

    tmajors Well-Known Member

    My local Sportsmans Warehouse today had only PMC .223 ammo. No 7.62 at all. Lot of people looking at the gun counter, but it's a Saturday so tough to say if it was more or less busy cause I usually shop on weekdays. Only reason I stopped there was because I was half way out to the range and realized I grabbed my box of 7.62 instead of .223 so had to buy some.
  9. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington Well-Known Member

    No they are not hype, I've been trying to get a hold of a fellow Green Card Holder working in a gun store, he cannot get away from the counter for the most part, he sells guns on the West side of WA state...
  10. Bozo

    Bozo Well-Known Member

    Our local Sportsman Warehouse has only a few boxes of remington or ultramax for months now. One pound cans of powder are almost gone, only a few 8 pounders left, primers are picked over, not many left. Very few .30 caliber and 22 caliber bullets left. They were out before the election.
  11. Avenger

    Avenger Well-Known Member

    I went through Vance's also, on the Saturday before the election. It was CRAZY, like Ohio Gun Guy said. Normally, when you take a number, you might have to wait for 4-5 people ahead of you, perhaps 15-20 minutes. That day, I was 31 numbers behind the current person! It was close to a 2 hour wait, but luckily there were plenty of like-minded folk about to bench-shoot with! (Hmmm, I just realized that translating "bench racing", ie standing around talking about racing, into the shooting sport doesn't really work that well)

    Vance's has a sister store, Buckeye Outdoors, about 30 miles away in Hebron. I heard the line there was completely out the door, and they are more of a Cabela's type place than a gun shop. And easily four times the building size.
  12. slide

    slide Well-Known Member

    It's such a fuss here that the newspaper had it front page top story. It's really a frenzy of buying. In a way it's silly because even if Obama has nothing more than firearms on his mind, he can't do squat until the end of January so a few days isn't going to make much of a difference.

    As opposed to Obama as I was, I can't think the guy is an idiot who will put RKBA ahead of ALL the other issues facing the USA and world today. Yeah, here in this forum, it's our big concern and it is mine generally but if I were president, minor stuff like a two front war, a tanked economy, snowballing unemployment, Iran....(etc.) would take my attention first.
  13. No Fear

    No Fear member

    Good, maybe mall stores, snob sports stores (that don't sell guns), Kohls and Sears will have an AWFUL holiday season [​IMG]
  14. RP88

    RP88 Well-Known Member

    my local shop has a full stock, but they said it was because they planned ahead and bought a crap-load of stuff. But, they said it will probably only last until February before they're thinned out for good. They are also low on alot of things that they used to have, like BCGs...
  15. No Fear

    No Fear member

    This sums it up well:

  16. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I noticed that Gander Mt moved their AR's behind the counter unlike their other rifles. This was on thursday and perhaps before the "rush" as they had around 10 on display.
  17. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    No M38's, but I have a Polish M44 I might be willing to part with... :D
  18. jackstinson

    jackstinson Well-Known Member

    While it's pretty much always busy at Vance's, it has been backed-up a little more lately. This is due to 2 issues: (1) lots of people are buying guns and (2) Vance's just changed it's computer system....from my encounter last week, I would say that they are still having problems with it and those problems cause delays.
    I guess I just got really lucky there the past couple of weeks. Went in there on October 28th at 3:00pm and took-a-number (like I do automatically every time I go there). My number was called next, 3 minute wait and I didn't even have time to look around at the used gun racks. But the salesman didn't rush me, He brought out the stuff I was interested in, we talked about prices and such. I was just scouting ideas that day.
    Went back on the 29th, same 3:00pm time, walked up to the counter and didn't even get time to take-a-number, there were 2 salesman asking if they could help me. I had decided on an AK-clone the day before....so I knew what I wanted. He brought out some guns in boxes from stock so I could pick the one out that I liked. I took my time checking for cant, mag fit, etc....there was no rush, then they put my gun on layaway for me.
    Went back on November 5th, same time again. Did the take-a-number thing and waited about 10 minutes. Filled out my paperwork, got approved, grabbed a 100-pack of Golden Tigers, and we headed for the cash register to check out.
    The hang-up for me that day was in the purchase process, nothing else. Vance's has been backed-up longer than usual the past couple of weeks due in part to changing their computer system. There is a sign on the door apologizing for that in advance. This caused delay in my purchase last week....one delay was getting the records entered initially for the transaction, then there was a delay because while paying for it, we realized the serial number on the receipt was not the serial number on the gun/box. This necessitated correcting the computer entries and reprinting everything. A delay which involved 2 salespeople and one (of 2) cash register....that backs up the entire store.
    There were a lot of folks buying guns though all three days I visited there over the past two weeks though. But Vance's always has a lot of folks buying guns. They always have great sales, an amazing selection, and a great used gun supply too. Note: If you go on a Saturday, it's best to get there when they open in the morning.
  19. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    I went to Keith's here in Portland, OR on Saturday to pick up an AR15 lower. When I had called them late Thursday afternoon to see if they had any in stock, they said that between RR and Bushy lowers they had about a dozen. When I got there on Saturday morning right after they opened I got one of the last two they had. The place was mobbed! There were people three deep with every sales clerk filling out yellow forms. It was actually hard to move arount the store there were so many people.
  20. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    Two weeks ago a friend asked for recommendations on something in .223 - went on Davidson's and forwarded some suggestions. They had stock of just about everything including Colt's, Bushies, etc.

    I took a look this morning - they are cleaned out.

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