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Dear Brady Campaign Supporter,

Discussion in 'Legal' started by WAGCEVP, Dec 26, 2003.


    WAGCEVP Well-Known Member

    Dear Brady Campaign Supporter,

    We hope this update finds you in good health and we wish you a safe
    holiday season. We have had a very eventful three months and January
    promises to be nothing short of a brawl. Here's why.

    While the world is currently and appropriately focused on Iraq, the
    NRA is quietly up to more mischief than you can believe. Here are the

    Thanks to your support and the successful advertising and public
    relations campaign, funded largely with your contributions, the Senate
    postponed the Gun Industry Immunity Bill. Delaying the vote on this
    heinous bill gives us more time to advertise and more time to
    organize. And that's just what we'll do.

    The 2004 election year will be the most important for the gun movement
    in a decade. And the fight has already started. The NRA is gearing
    up to try to pass 3 utterly reckless bills in the dead of the night.
    We intend to take them on directly. We intend to expose how the NRA's
    extremist policies weaken law enforcement. And, we intend to win.
    To make sure we win, we need your help now. Our new campaign starts
    with this mail.

    1) Please contribute whatever you can to our advertising campaign by
    clicking here. Help us reach our $1 million goal and 2) please pass
    this mail to your friends and family by clicking here so we can keep
    growing the NRA Blacklist and spreading the word. We have a real
    movement going and we won't stop.

    Here are the facts: (Bill #3 is the newest outrageous ploy of the NRA:
    anti-gun control measures slipped into the fine print of a spending
    Bill # 1: No Renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban

    * Puts military style rapid-fire assault weapons that have been
    banned for the last ten years back on the street.

    Bill #2: Gun Industry Immunity Legislation

    * Grants sweeping immunity for Bull's Eye Shooter Supply, who
    armed the DC snipers and sold guns used in at least 52 other crimes,
    and other reckless gun dealers.
    * Slams the courthouse door shut on victims of gun crime once and
    for all.

    Bill # 3: Omnibus Appropriations Bill

    * Destroys records of firearms sales in 24 hours instead of the
    current 90 day law.
    * Blocks authorities from requiring Bull's Eye and all other gun
    dealers to take regular inventories of firearms.

    The NRA is out of control and at odds with the values of the American
    people. Their hubris and bullying tactics will be their worst enemy in

    And on that happy note, thank you so much. And we send our best wishes
    for a happy and safe holiday season to you and your loved ones and get
    ready for a heck of a 2004.

    The Brady Campaign
  2. nico

    nico Well-Known Member

    I got a sniper-style rifle with a high power scope for christmas:evil:

    edit: and I got a semi-automatic shotgun last christmas:neener: :evil:
  3. repsychler

    repsychler Well-Known Member

    Ever see that DirecTV commercial with Danny Devito where he hollars "LIES!" Thats the sound clip thats running through my head right now.

    Dear Brady Campaign Supporter: :neener:
  4. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    Rapid fire weapons? they only fire one shot at a time. In other words: all semi-autos. These yahoos have never seen a trained rifleman back in the day work the bolt on a Springfield 03. Those were "Weapons of war" too, "desiegned only for killing people."

    Come out and say it Sarah: you want to ban ALL semi autos. And then it's on to those "accurate military style sniper weapons".
  5. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    I got Kopel's Supreme Court Gun Cases just before Christmas. It's a slow read (anything that legal almost has to be) but there's ton's of good information in it.

    Based on the short initial summary of the Supreme Court's Miller case, which upheld restrictions on short barreled shotguns because they had little/no perceived militia use (anyone with knowledge of modern MOUT techniques could argue that they make great door-busters), I would propose a new name for the 1994 Second Amendment Restrictions-the Militia Weapons Ban . The Bradys keep going on and on about "military style" weapons-well, isn't that just what the militia should have?

    Of course the Brady's have to lie and distort-they have no facts, history, or legal precedent on their side.
  6. HBK

    HBK member

    Langenator, I got that book too. I wish it came with a study guide or cliff notes. :confused:
  7. jimpeel

    jimpeel Well-Known Member

    There is no "90 day law". The current law is that the records are to be destroyed in 24 hours and the fact that they are keeping those records for 90 days is in violation of the current law.
  8. Mark Tyson

    Mark Tyson Well-Known Member

    It's these people who are "out of touch with the values of the Ameican people". Firearms are a part of our heritage just as much as protest and a free press.
  9. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Wrong. The leftist extremists are out of touch with both the American people and plain old reality.
  10. nico

    nico Well-Known Member

    I just thought of something. . . how come the NRA and other gun groups allow ingrates like the brady bunch to call them "right wing extremists" without fighting back? I mean personally, I don't think the term "gun grabbers" would sound like it's based on anything other than spite to someone who isn't educated on the issues or someone on the other side. Why don't you hear the NRA officially talking about the "left wing extremists who would rather allow you and your family to be murdered than have you defend yourselves with a firearm?" It seems like a big problem is the brady bunch is allowed to paint themselves as a bunch of concerned citizens instead of the nuts they are, while the NRA and any other gun-rights group is painted as a militant organization that only speaks for a small minority of the population. IMO, the NRA should make a bigger effort to make the average person (who doesn't see the countless problems with gun control and may or may not own a gun) understand that gun control isn't just something that takes away the rights of a few hunters or recreational shooters in the name of "the greater good." It's something that endangers everyone, except the few rich people ::cough::rosie o'donel::cough:: who can afford private body guards. They should also spread the evidence that gun control does nothing to reduce crime and that CCW laws almost always lead to a decrease in crime with none of the shootouts the brady bunch still claims will happen. They also need to take the brady bunch to task for using ad hominem attacks instead of legitimate facts (ie: do they have any?) to ridicule the work of people like John Lott. :banghead:
  11. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    Nico-let me recomend to you the books "Bias" and "Arrogance" by Bernard Goldberg. If a group like the NRA, GOA, JPFO, etc called the gun grabbers what they are (ie left wing extremists), at least in public statements, those statements would never be reported.

    Besides, when you're right, you don't have to call the other side names.

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