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finding a red dot scope

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by sloatsoccer0204, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. sloatsoccer0204

    sloatsoccer0204 New Member

    would a Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Riflescope Matte T Dot be considered a good scope for the 150$ price range for a .44 mag rifle
  2. sloatsoccer0204

    sloatsoccer0204 New Member

  3. jojo200517

    jojo200517 New Member

    Not to be a pain but I think this should be moved to I dunno somewhere besides NFA, maybe rifle country??
  4. Tully M. Pick

    Tully M. Pick New Member

    This forum should probably be renamed to "NFA Firearms." The "and Accessories" portion of the title will cause more posts like the OP's over time.
  5. JEB

    JEB New Member

    you can get cheaper red dots that will work, but if you want to spend the money on it, i would say go for it. i put one on my slug gun a couple of years ago and it has never lost zero. personally i think the T dot help when tracking moving targets. it holds up to recoil like a champ, it works under any lighting conditions that i have come across so far, doesn't wash out in bright snow, and has excellent batery life. if you dont mind shelling out the money, id say go for it!

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