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Glock34/Berreta Questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by C-grunt, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. C-grunt

    C-grunt Senior Member

    Jun 12, 2005
    Phoenix Az
    Im looking at two pistols, one of which I want to get as a recreational target pistol and to use for friendly competition between friends. One is a Glock 34 and the other is a Berreta 92FS. I have a few questions about these two pistols.
    I know the Glock 34 is the competition model, but is it noticeably more accurate than the 17? If I just tuned a 17s trigger, would it stand up to the 34?
    I have fired a friends Berreta Vertec and I loved the trigger and the accuracy, but I am looking at a model 92FS (I can get a great deal on it). I know the Vertec has the different grip and the light rail, but is there any other difference that would make the Vertec a more accurate pistol?
  2. AndABeer

    AndABeer Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Lakeland, TN
    The only real advantage of the 34 over the 17 or the 92 I see is the slightly longer sight radius. The lighter trigger of the 34 feels mushier than the 17 so I personally gain no advantage there. I will always see a DA/SA trigger as a disadvantage though I have trained up on them from time to time.

    My own choice of the three mentioned would be the 17.
  3. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Senior Member

    Mar 6, 2005
    I disagree - I like the lighter G34 trigger over the standard Glocks. I tended to shoot low and to the left w/ all Glocks except the lighter pull on the 34.

    Be aware though, that not all Glock 34s have the lighter pull. SOme have the 3.5 connector, and some have the standard connector. It will say on the box.

    If U buy a Beretta, you can get a "D" spring to lighten the double action pull a bit.

    I think you should get the Glock 34. Or, better yet - get you a HK USP 9mm. I got one a week ago. I shoot it better than the Glock 34, and I like being able to carry it cocked and locked (since it has a frame mounted safety, like a 1911)
  4. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Senior Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Winston-Salem, NC
    I prefer the 34.

    I had a very nice 17, but it was only after I added the extended slide release/slide stop, and the lighter trigger, that it felt the way I wanted it to. My 34 came that way.

    I don't think all 34s feel "mushier" than 17s. Mine is pretty good.

    I really don't like the Beretta, and I've had a 92, 92 Vertec, and a 96. Big. Heavy. And the triggers generally need some work. Pretty, reliable, but not my cup of tea.
  5. Onmilo

    Onmilo Mentor

    Jul 26, 2004
    I own both a Glock 34 and a Military Beretta M9/M92.
    I shoot the Glock way more than the M9 and not because the Beretta has some collector interest but because the Glock just shoots better and far more accurately than the Beretta.

    A 92 Vertec would be a better choice than a standard 92 because it comes with an accessory rail on the dustcover and the sights are dovetailed into place which means you can add a light or, god forbid, a laser, or any other spiffy tactical accessory you might desire.
    The dovetail sights front and rear on the Vertec make future sight changes a possibility without the need for professional gunsmithing

    If you have basic mechanical skills you can trick up a Glock 34 and not break you bank account doing it either. HTH
  6. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Participating Member

    May 29, 2003
    Longmont CO
    I have had both.
    The G34 is still with me (in fact in the nightstand), the Beretta 92 got sold.
    The DA/SA pull of the 92 is a pain.
    it's a long pull, even in SA.
    the G34 has that same glock pull, and love it or hate it, it's always the same.
    The 34 feels way better in the hand.

    Get the 34, don't look back.
  7. Vanguard.45

    Vanguard.45 New Member

    Sep 21, 2005
    NW Indiana
    Handguns I've owned (not in any particular order)

    Beretta 92FS 9mm
    Glock 22 .40 cal
    Glock 34 9mm
    Walther PPK/S .380
    Walther P99 (x4) 9mm
    Walther P5 Compact 9mm
    Browning Mark III Hi-Power 9mm
    Springfield TRP 1911 .45
    Springfield Trophy Match Longslide .45
    Springfield Ultra-Compact .45
    Colt Series 70 1911 .45
    HK UPS Fullsize Stainless .45

    What do I still own?

    Glock 34

    Hands down the best of the bunch! An INCREDIBLE weapon!

    Hope this helps in your decision-making process.

  8. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Senior Member

    Mar 6, 2005
    I too had a Beretta 92FS - I had it for 8 years. I even put the D spring in it. I sold it a couple of weeks back. I got my Glock 34 last year. It is my nightstand gun w/ a Glocklight.

    Now personally, I like my HKUSP and SW99 better than the Glock 34. But given the choice of the 2, I would go w/ the Glock 34 - assuming you buy 1 w/ a 3.5 connector - they make em w/ the lighter and also the standard connector for trigger pull.

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