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Good price for gun safe???

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by PlayboyPenguin, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Well, I hope you are all happy. Just a couple weeks here and what was a mild fetish (guns) has turned into a full blown obsession. I have gone from owning only a couple to owning several now. You people ought to be ashamed.:D My friends are making fun of me but I tell them "laugh all you want but you know who's house you will run to when the zombies come".:) Therefore I had to go out and buy a gun safe (to get me through until I can build my James Bond like bookcase). I happened to be at Lowes today and found one quite by accident. It was not that expensive either...like $385. Is this a good deal? I know the ones I had seen before where quite a bit more and even the little 2.0 cubic foot ones were like $250-$300. I have attached a pic to show its size and build.

    PS- I anchored into the concrete slab with four 3" concrete sinkers so this puppy is not going anywhere easily. I decided to pu tit in the garage since the thing weighes 365 lbs empty and I did not want that strain on my joists nor did I want to carry it upstairs.

    PPS- I am not so much worried about fire safety since insurance would replace my guns. I am more worried about keeping them from being stolen and used to hurt an innocent person.

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  2. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Good Morn'in-

    I was faced with a "gun safe" decision myself within the last couple of
    weeks. We sell two types, Browning and Liberty; and with that said we
    are a Browning Medallion Dealer/Distributor. I chose a forrest green safe
    from Liberty's Colonial series (60.5" x 30" x 22"), which is fire rated at
    1200 degrees for 45 minutes. It features ten 1" diameter locking bolts,
    and shell plate to guard against a drill attack. Also, its hinges are not
    exposed; a feature which I really like. We had 'em on sale for $999, so
    I jumped on one before they got gone. Now all I got too do is too get
    it home~!:D :uhoh:
  3. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    Nice. But where do you keep the long guns?

  4. I currently don't have any long guns...hopefully soon. the inside is made to be able to move shelvess and open up one side to install braces for long guns. If anyone would like to donate any I am in the market for a .45 stainless finish lever action.:D
  5. depicts

    depicts Well-Known Member

    Watch out Penguin!!!

    Since you live in Washington state, you're biggest worry might be RUST in that safe.

    If your garage isn't temp and humidity controlled, but the weather is damp and cold a lot, and then warms up, you could have a real problem on your hands.

    Some people put light bulbs burning in their safes to keep the guns warm and dry. You might wawnt to aask some of the more experienced guys here what they would do.

    I too have some Sentry safes, and they are not waterproof or weatherproof. As for home insurance covering the cost of replacing your guns, I'll bet you'd be out of luck unless you have a specific rider for the guns. It's a problem lots of us have run into. Don't take my word for it, check into it yourself with your insurance agent or someone in the know.

    btw, a friend of mine had his safe in the garage, and when the door opened and closed, peple could see it....domeone tried a smash and grab, with chains on the end of their truck to steal his safe...just sayin'....nothing is totally foolproof for a sufficiently motivated fool!!!

    Good luck, Bill
  6. osteodoc08

    osteodoc08 Well-Known Member

    My father has a Liberty safe and it is huge! Sad thing is, it's already full!!! Browning safes are nice, but I think that there are plenty of options that offer better protection for less money.

    Also, I believe if you keep important documents like marraige certificates, birth certificates, etc; it can be considered a tax right off.
  7. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    On The Subject Of Humidity In A Gun Safe-

    always install a Goldenrod at the lowest level of the safe.
    Its an electrical de-humidifier that controls the level of humidity inside
  8. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Make sure that you put a christmass tree or refrigerator box over it to help camoflage it until you get the secret room built (perhaps an old water heater shell?). Also put your circular saw in the safe. With a masonry saw blade on your saw you could cut your way into the Sentry in less than 10 minutes.
  9. I never open my garage. It is such a mess we park in the driveway. Also the safe is around a cornr inside the garage. My garage is temp controlled and does have a heavy duty security garage door though but still not invulneable. Where do you get a "Goldenrod" and what is it?
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2006
  10. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    I'll give you the best advice I can regarding safes.

    Buy more space than you think you need. You will fill it up over time.
    Buy the best quality. Count the number of bolts holding the door closed, not the fancy buttons and pretty knobs.
    Bolt them down firmly.
  11. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Goldenrod @ Cabela's. Also at Midway and other places. West Marine used to sell them, too. They come in different lengths and 2 styles - you want the one with the detachable plug on the end so you can snake the wire through the hole in the back of the safe. Get the biggest one that will fit on the floor, although a smaller one will work just fine.

    John, in very, very humid Richmond who keeps a safe in a wet basement.

  12. Thanks for the info....Do they have to be mounted in the bottom or can they be side mounted?

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