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I am getting a S&W 63....I think

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by MP-44, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. MP-44

    MP-44 Well-Known Member

    My sister's fiance' has a pistol he inherited. He asked the other day if I knew anything about guns and if I would un-load it for him. It sat loaded since 1987as he dosen't know anything about firearms or has any interest in them ( nice guy anyway ). I only handled it long enough to empty it and show him how to open and close the cylinder. Later I found out he wanted to get rid of it.

    S&W, .22 rimfire, stainless steel, small frame ( looks smaller than the model 17 I had years ago ). I am suppose to pick it up today and will post pics and look for a model #.

    The barrel has been shortened as part of the smith & wesson on the barrel is missing. Looks like the barrel job was professionally done though. The front sight is a little battered and might be a sign of why the barrel was cut.

    I am giving him $150 for it and if the barrel would have been original condition I would have given him $250. I hope that is a fair price.
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  2. steveno

    steveno Well-Known Member

    certainly no more than $150 in that condition. if had been original and you got it for $250 that would have been one heck of a deal.
  3. Starter52

    Starter52 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with steveno on this one. $150 is the most I would pay. An unbutchered Mod. 63 is worth twice that.

    FYI you are correct. The Model 63 is a J-frame gun while the Model 17 is a larger & heavier K-frame.
  4. MP-44

    MP-44 Well-Known Member

    Not the greatest pic

  5. steveno

    steveno Well-Known Member

    before I paid the $150 or less I would also take it out and shoot it just to make sure that there enough adjustment in the rear sight to make up for a different front sight
  6. MP-44

    MP-44 Well-Known Member

    It's already a done deal. I am going to the range sometime in the next few days and will report back.
  7. Starter52

    Starter52 Well-Known Member

    That's not a bad looking gun. Is that back sight original? Hard to tell from the picture.

    I think you got a good deal, provided it shoots OK.
  8. MP-44

    MP-44 Well-Known Member

    The back sight looks original. The chop job on the barrel looks like factory.

    I am going to try to make it to the range tomorrow and am keeping my fingers crossed that it shoots decent.
  9. Chuck Dye

    Chuck Dye Well-Known Member

    My Model 63 has the model number stamped on the frame below the barrel and visible only when the cylinder is open. I like mine a lot but it can be tough prying it free from the kids I shoot with: they ablsolutely love it.
  10. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    I had a model 63 that was one of my prized possessions. Then the damn landlady gave my key to some unscrupulous workers who packed up all my guns and vanished. When I found out they had entered my apartment, found the guns (about four was all I had then) and made off with them, I raised hell. She said sorry, showed me the lease agreement saying they reserved the right to come in to my apartment, and there was nothing legally I could do. She hadn't given them the key, but someone in her office knew where the keys were.

    Never have been able to get another one and now have to settle for a stainless Rossi. The police caught the bad guys, arrested them and took a report. That's as far as the wheels of justice turned.

    It was a hard gun to lose. Ah, well.

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