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I need help buying a new rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by benfishin1, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. benfishin1

    benfishin1 New Member

    I've decided to buy a new deer rifle. I want to get a .300 so when I go out west I've got something powerful enough. My question is do I get a regular .300 or a .330 wsm, or a .300 ultra. What's the difference in these three? I'm also not sure on what brand of rifle I should get. I'm leaning towards a tikka, but I don't know for sure. The only gun I've ever used for deer hunting is the 30-06 I got when my grandfather passed away, so my new gun buying experience is pretty much non-existent. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas.

  2. Woodsmoke

    Woodsmoke Well-Known Member

    What are you planning on hunting "out west". I haven't seen too many deer that could take a punch from a .30-06 and not end up on the dinner table.

    In fact, you need not even go that large if you will only be hunting deer.
  3. benfishin1

    benfishin1 New Member

    When I do go out west, I'll be going after elk, moose, and muleys. I don't want to take my 30-06 semi-auto out there. I've been lucky enough that I've never needed more than on shot to kill a deer, but I don't want to take that chance out west. It likes to jam up.
  4. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    Were and what do you plan on hunting??

    I agree with Woodsmoke that the 06 will smoke most things found in the West. I am a pretty big guy, but all of your choice seem like they would kick the heck out of a fella. I am not so sure that is good for a beginner. Even the 06 has a good bit if recoil for the begginer. I am partial to Ruger, Remington, and Browning rifles. They all have things I like in a rifle and things I don't. Overall I don't think you could go wrong with a Remington 700. They are a very common rifle with ton's of parts and people who know how to work on them, should the need ever araise.

    I would be more focused on accuarcy than weither or not the cartidge has a WSM stamped on it or a wears a belt. You have to hit the animal for all that energy to work. Rifles that kick less are going to be easier for you to hit with. If you still want a Mag of some sort, I would suggest the .300 WSM. It tends to be the easiest on your shoulder of the three you mentioned. The Ultra is a great round, but is a very specialized one. The good ole .300 Win Mag is also a good choice.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Woodsmoke

    Woodsmoke Well-Known Member

    Okay. Here is a previous thread on various .30 calibers.


    Here is another one that seemed to have some good opinions in it.


    There are some really knowledgeable people here on The High Road, and many questions have been asked before. Frequently, I find myself using the search feature.

    I don't know how much money you want to spend, but this is one of my favorite rifles:

    I like it because it weighs less than some of my other big caliber rifles, and that really means something when you have to carry it around all day. :)
  6. benfishin1

    benfishin1 New Member

    Don't get me wrong, I really like my -06, however it is a really old gun, and I feel it's time to purchase a new one. I've used this rifle since I was 12, I'm 29now and it served my Grandfather faithfully for many yeards before I got it. It's a Remington Woodmaster 742. What I don't like is it's a semi-auto. While I've been fortunate enough to never have needed more than one shot to kill a deer while hunting, many is the time I take my shot, watch the animal 'til it's out of sight and check my gun & put my safety on and either the shell has not ejected all the way, or the next round is jammed in the chamber. I've purchased several new clips and taken it to two different gunsmiths who have torn it completely down. I simply feel it's time for a new gun, and if I'm going to spend the money on a new one, I want something I can take out west and that can really "reach out and touch em" I know that it's kind of overkill for where I hunt in WI, but when I take my dream trip out West I'll have it.
  7. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    How about another 30-06? How far do you consider far for "reach out and touch them"? 300 yards is a long way unless you are a very good shot... and 30-06 will kill almost anything in the lower 48 at that distance. Just remember that more gun is not a replacement for shot placement.
  8. ____hoot____

    ____hoot____ Well-Known Member

    Had simular problems with both 742's I've owned. Lost a shot at a big buck also when the clip didn't go all the way home on a hurried loading and make that last "snick". The BAR I owned was faultless but so heavy I only kept it a season. Both of these brands of gas semi-autos did reduce the felt recoil of powerful loads. You might want to look at a BAR in a 300 magnum chambering, darn nice rifle if you don't mind the weight.
  9. TX1911fan

    TX1911fan Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Benelli R1 in 300 Win Mag. I plan on using it for black bear in Alaska, as well as other NA big game. I don't think the RI, being a semi-auto, is going to have the MOA accuracy of a bolt gun, but I really like it. The 300 Win Mag is not too bad a recoiling round, probably close to what your 30.06 feels like.
  10. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    I absolutely think you should get a new rifle!!

    You might want to head down to your local Bass Pro/Cabelas/Gun store and see which rifle fits you the best. You should go to a store with lots of makes and models. Don't let the guy behind the counter sell you what he has the most of or what he has left over from last season. A lot of rifle buying for me has to do w/ how the rifle feels and handles. Once you have found the one that fits you best, see what calibers are offered. I am sure that what you choose will be chambered for one of the .30 Mags.

    Don't discount buying a new rifle in 06 either. Nothing wrong with having two rifles in the same caliber.

    Good luck and let us know what you decided.

  11. jkingrph

    jkingrph Well-Known Member

    Stick with the '06. You know the cartridge and how it shoots, and if you do want to shoot it a lot it's a lot more economical than the others. I don't think the game you mentioned will know the difference with a well placed shot, and in my opinion it is easier to place a shot better with a millder recoiling cartridge like the 30-06 as compared to the mangums.
  12. Essex County

    Essex County Well-Known Member

    My sometimes logical mind likes the suggestion of another '06. How about a boltgun of your choice topped off with a quality scope and mounts? I don't see how you could go wrong. Essex
  13. one-shot-one

    one-shot-one Well-Known Member

    i love my .300wsm, a little boost over the -06 with out the extra recoil of the
    .300 "belted" mags.
    that said if your looking for something over .30 cal. i'd look at the .338 winchester mag.
    as always any reason is a good reason to buy a new rifle!

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