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Motivational poster for homicidal drug dealers

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by IV Troop, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. IV Troop

    IV Troop Well-Known Member

  2. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    What makes you think they can read all those big long words?
  3. VirgilCaine

    VirgilCaine Well-Known Member

    Why is the dog sniffing the middle one's crotch? Why are two of them crouching behind the truck and one standing?
  4. clasiter

    clasiter Well-Known Member


    He’s standing because that dog isn’t sniffing, he just took a bite out of crime, you would stand too. lol
  5. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member


    No Knock Warrants: We're comin' in, and the 4th Amendment can't stop us!

    SWAT: We're praying you "make our day"

    THE WAR ON DRUGS IS REAL: Pot smokers are easier to arrest than real criminals
  6. pauli

    pauli Well-Known Member

    well this thread is going places.
  7. Chrontius

    Chrontius Well-Known Member

    Take a bite out of crime? LoL! Seriously, people are looking at me now. :D
  8. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt Well-Known Member

    Not sure about this one......implies LEO's are Barney Fife trigger happy, shoot first arrest later...if possible.
  9. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    "That dog'd bite yeww!"
  10. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member


    Attached Files:

  11. lycanthrope

    lycanthrope Well-Known Member

    Someone has been over to arfcom........ :cool: Fun stuff.
  12. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    I think the one guy is keying the side of the truck
  13. Oleg Volk

    Oleg Volk Moderator Emeritus

    DEA: "You got a prescription for that constitutional right to freedom from search?"
  14. Sgt.Slappy

    Sgt.Slappy member

    How 'bout,

    The difference between concealment and cover is just one sucking chest wound away.
  15. GunnySkox

    GunnySkox Well-Known Member

    Guy on the right: "Gah, I can't believe I droppped my keys again."

    Guy on the left: "What?"

    Guy in the middle: "Ah! Ah! Dog on the wang! Dog on the wang! AH!"

  16. Spiphel Rike

    Spiphel Rike Well-Known Member

    guy on the right: hey , get down!
    guy on the left: get down, there's a time and a place for that;)
  17. shermacman

    shermacman Well-Known Member

    See the yellow tape behind them? The crime has already been committed. These three maroons and their pooch showed up a day later and strutted their tactical gear. Kneeling Dude next to the truck is pointing at what? Why is Standing Dude letting Mangy Mutt sniff out his loins? What is Crouching Dude so afraid of?
    The local cops have already taped off the crime scene.
  18. MTMilitiaman

    MTMilitiaman Well-Known Member

    Justin, that was great. I'll be giggling the rest of the evening over that one :D
  19. Crosshair

    Crosshair Well-Known Member

    That one is going in my "Save" folder Justin. Thanks for making it.
  20. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)

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