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remn 870 express

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by miles1, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. miles1

    miles1 Well-Known Member

    Its that time of the year again where im getting ready soon to purchase a few more firearms to my meager stable.I currently have a mossy 500 12g and enjoy it with no problems.However i want another shotty in 12g again and want something different,Ive scoured the net looking at reviews on the rem express and hear mostly good with some bad.In your opinion,is the current crop of rem 870 express worth looking into?Or should i look into something else?Price range no more than $400 tops.I guess its a sell me on the rem 870 express type of question.thanks.
  2. Uniquedot

    Uniquedot Well-Known Member

    What I've read about the express models is that folks replace the extractors with a machined part as the MIM parts are prone to failure. You can buy a used Wingmaster cheaper than you can buy a new express. If you've never owned or used an 870 you will be pleasantly surprised with the slick action...even if you choose the express.
  3. Sg89

    Sg89 Member

    I have a 12 ga express, bought it used and it has functioned flawlessly for me. It's a field gun, not pretty but it works. Either way I'd go used on a shotgun, if you're willing to spend money you can get a good used gun for the price of a so so new gun.
  4. Lerk

    Lerk Well-Known Member

    I also have the 870 express, my first gun and I doubt I'll ever get rid of it. Never had any issues with it, it will eat anything I can throw at it. I still have failed to have it have a mechanical malfunctino, the only ones it's ever had were operator error (shortstroking mainly). I vastly prefer the 870 over the Mossberg 500, but that is just a personal preference regarding controls and takedown. I'd snag up a lightly used Wingmaster over an Express, they're plentiful and generally have a very appealing price.
  5. Hapworth

    Hapworth Well-Known Member

    Intended use? Needs to be known before you can be properly advised.
  6. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    The 870 Express is just fine as is. They are not as well finished, but function as well as anything and better than most.

    I personally like the 870 better than the Mossberg, but if you are happy with the Mossberg, stay with that platform. The safety and all other controls as well as how the gun points and balances will be much different. In your shoes I'd buy a 2nd Mossberg, but in a very different configuration.
  7. miles1

    miles1 Well-Known Member

    General use.HD and Target mostly.
  8. Deer_Freak

    Deer_Freak Member.

    I would just upgrade the 500. They say fit and finish is an indicator of quality. The Mossberg sure kicks the snot out of the express in the fit and finish department. Not to mention the 870 express cast parts, single extractor, lag between ejection and feeding. You need to acquire a wingmaster to get the same quality shotgun as a 500.

    The chances are if you get a new barrel that suits your needs or whatever it is about the 500 that needs improving it will be money better spent.
  9. drcook

    drcook Well-Known Member

    As a home defense/offensive gun, the Mossberg 500 has one potential catastrophic defect.

    Sometimes the screw that holds the safety in place loosens up, the little ball bearing that provides the "click" feature falls out and the safety flops back and forth and sometimes the gun won't fire until you figure out what is wrong because the safety has drifted back to block the gun from firing.

    Happened to me when a deer was standing right in front of me. Happened to our blacksmith's gun. I fixed both of them and loctited that screw in place with "Guntite" (the equivalent Loctite product is the non-permanent one, it might need worked on eventually).

    So if you are using one for HD, at a minimum, if you are handy, fix it yourself, or have a gunsmith do it for you. Just be careful as there is a small spring in there also, besides that little tiny ball bearing.
  10. WoodchuckAssassin

    WoodchuckAssassin Well-Known Member

    You won’t have a problem finding ANY 870 for under $400. Dicks/Walmart has them around here for $380 out-the-door. My first – and still only – shotgun was a 870 express magnum. It is arguably one of, if not THE, simplest and most durable shotgun design. It’s the Crocodile of gun designs: Unchanged for millions of years because IT WORKS!

    Plus for $120, you can pick up a different barrel or two, and have one gun for a lifetime! Put a rifled slug barrel on for deer, and a nifty 18 inch barrel for home defense.

    In short, the 870 might not be a collectable, but it’s probably the only shotgun I’ll ever own.
  11. Hapworth

    Hapworth Well-Known Member

    In that case, I'd stick with the 500, acquire any extras it may need to properly outfit it for intended use, and forego the 870 in favor of a style of firearm not currently in the collection, or more ammo, or a good defensive shotgun course.

    The 870 and the 500 are both great, but cover the same needs in essentially the same way. Unless there's a compelling reason to double-up not yet stated, I'd concentrate on other platforms or needs.

    If you're set on another 12 gauge pump, the 870 in any configuration is a fine shotgun.
  12. kaferhaus

    kaferhaus Well-Known Member

    Bass Pro has the 870 express for $269 - $30 rebate = $239 + tax. You can't beat that deal on a new shotgun.
  13. miles1

    miles1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback so far.I didnt want this to turn into a moss vs rem debate.The reason Im looking for another shotty simply is to have more than one, and I know mossberg isnt the only good brand out there.Im looking for variety being the only reason I was looking at another shotty other than mossberg.

    So the consensus here is the current production is worth getting?Ive looked at different models from the tac express($299 at wally) to the basic field version ($340 at various stores) and it certainly fits my budget.Again,this shotguns only purpose is basically to have another one with no specific purpose other than to have one(variety is the spice of life and all that stuff).Not too worried about not customizing and such as Im also looking at using the rest of my funds on another gun purchase.Thanks so far.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  14. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama Well-Known Member

    So just everything! :)

    It's definately worth getting, but I'd advise you take it out as soon as you get it to see if there are any issues. I had to be sent a new barrel, as clearance issues caused many jams out in the field. Once I got the new barrel free from Remington, I had no issues, and I freaking love the gun. It's a small but known issue that Remington immediately knew once I called. I had the new barrel literally the next day as it was bird season and I explained that I didn't want to go back to my trusty Mossy!

    500 has been my dedicated HD gun, never had the specific issue you had. Was this addressed and fixed?
  15. drcook

    drcook Well-Known Member

    As I said above

    Yep I fixed BOTH of them that it has happened to. The solution is to simply loctite that screw. A pretty simple fix for a problem that should not have occurred to begin with. They should be loctited from the factory.
  16. Deer_Freak

    Deer_Freak Member.

    I have a Maverick 88 with an eight shot magazine tube. If I use three 2 3/4" shells I can get 9 shots in it. I paid $230 for it. It's very light gun for a pump. Once it is fully loaded it is as heavy as most field models. The 88 hold a great pattern with 00 buck. I have run about 1000 rounds through it without any issues. I shoot a round of skeet with it here and there. The cylinder choke leaves a bit to be desired on the passing shots but it is deadly on the shots close to the towers. I also have a 1600 lumen light on it that is great for coyote hunting or blinding an attacker. I have also used it during deer drives in close quarters and thick brush. It has yet to let me down.

    I am not trying to switch you from the guns you have selected. The 88 has served me very well and it is great value.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
  17. PaisteMage

    PaisteMage Well-Known Member

    Funny I was just coming on here to ask about 870's.
    I want to get into shotgunning myself for target shooting and maybe eventually some hunting.
    I do like the action on the 870. Where I live though for a hundred dollars more I can usually find a great used gun.

    NOMERCY-OOB New Member

    Just my 2-bits , dont be afraid of the 870 rem they are rugged & reliable . I currently own 3 870"s . My favorite bieng the marine magnum , which just for the record i have put close to 7000 rounds thru , mixture of birdshot buckshot & slugs with no malfunctions whatsoever. I dragged this thing thru some of the worst bush in western canada for 15 years , i will be long dead & someone will still be using it ...
  19. drcook

    drcook Well-Known Member

    We just bought our daughter a youth sized 870 20 gauge and I went with my bro-in-law at Christmas and got him a 870 12 ga while the 30.00 rebate was on.

    They are what they are, a good work horse shotgun, same as the Mossberg 500 is. Once that little issue with the safety screw was fixed, it was a very dependable gun. I up traded it off on an Ithaca Deerslayer II.
  20. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    Take a look at AIPI tactical's website. This guy knows everything about 870s. I like the fact that he will try to talk you OUT OF bolting 5 lbs. of "tactical accessories" onto your shotgun. He stocks all of the factory parts and does really quality Parkerizing also.

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