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Sig Sauer handguns

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Madjohn, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Madjohn

    Madjohn Well-Known Member

    i like the look of them but how do they handle. i was thinking about a glock for a while till i saw some reviews on these and im actually really pleased with what ive read. the only downside seems to be the cost of the guns themselves. i was looking for a 9 or a 40. one of the p226 or p339 models i think.
  2. RON in PA

    RON in PA Well-Known Member

    You need to go to a range/gunstore that allows you rent handguns and shoot those of interest to you. What feels good to me might feel like a brick to you.

    In general all the major pistol manufacturers make good guns and that certainly includes SIG and Glock, but there are also other great guns out there.
  3. hobgob

    hobgob Well-Known Member

    ive got a buddy with a 226 and ive always been jelous. they are great guns. im happy with my beretta tho
  4. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    I agree on handling them and test firing if possible. I bought my Sig P228 many years ago- was in a gun shop, picking up different guns. Knew little about Sigs then but when I picked up and pointed the P228 I knew it was for me, just felt right. Since then I've also bought a P220 Carry, just feels right and I shoot it well. Note- I also own several Walthers, Berettas, KelTecs, and an XDm. The two Sigs are my favorites though, I'll never part with them.
  5. theken206

    theken206 Well-Known Member

    have shot a passel of them and liked everyone Ive had my hands on
  6. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member

    I love them. The only reason I rid myself is because I decided that a DA/SA trigger was not for me. I like a consistent pull. I'd love one of their SAO 220s though. I never tried the DAK trigger.
  7. Marcus L.

    Marcus L. Well-Known Member

    Both Glocks and Sigs are good, well made pistols that will fire many thousands of rounds reliably.

    Personally, I prefer Sigs over Glocks. The classic DA/SA trigger is one of the best available which breaks clean and crisp. It also has one of the best decocker designs around which you can contol the decoking speed if you want to make as little noise as possible. Then of course there is the Sig accuracy which is better than that of a Glock.

    The Glock does have some advantages to it. It is a very simple design and will allow you to more easily take care of it. It has a better finish treatment which is more durable and will resist scratching and heavy corrosion better. The grip can be held with many different handholds while the Sig can't be held with all types due to where the decocker is located. Polymer is also rust proof and doesn't freeze your hand if you grab it in freezing weather.

    Just remember, most pistol models are more durable and longer lasting in 9mm. Practice ammunition is much cheaper in 9mm, and as a shooter trying to master pistol fighting the 9mm makes a better choice for its level of controllability. It would stay away from .40S&W unless you get the Sig P229 which was designed from the ground up for the higher recoiling .40S&W cartridge.

    If you want to conceal carry go with:
    Sig P229 9mm (or .40S&W)
    Sig P239 9mm

    Glock 19 9mm
    Glock 26 9mm

    Or, if you want a full sized pistol and don't really want to carry it concealed:
    Sig P226 9mm
    Sig P229 9mm (or .40S&W)

    Glock 17 9mm
    Glock 19 9mm
  8. wnycollector

    wnycollector Well-Known Member

    I own 3 SIGs (P6, P220 and P226) I would not hestitate reccomend them to someone who wants a high quality DA/SA pistol.

    If you are looking for a .40...I have a CZ40B that I LOVE! For ~1/2 the price it will outshoot 2 of my 3 SIGs:)
  9. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    They are great guns, but you need to shoot them to make sure they feel right to you. To me they are blocky and brick like with a high bore axis. I have a P228 which is considered one of their best balanced and I carry a CZ-75D PCR instead.

    Its all subjective. If they fit you then great.
  10. Madjohn

    Madjohn Well-Known Member

    i shot the p226 in 40 and i have to say i didn't much care for the sights on it. i did like the placement of the hammer drop/de-cocker. but i found the glock 17 which i also shot today to be a little more accurate. but that's just me. on the other hand the sig felt more like a real gun to me and not more of a toy like the glock and my xd do. i plan on shooting it in the 9mm before jumping to more conclusions about the sights and accuracy it may have just been the larger 40 cartridge that made it harder to handle properly.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2008
  11. BoilerUP

    BoilerUP Well-Known Member

    I have a P229 in .40 and a G19....I prefer the P229 but I carry the G19 more because 9mm is cheaper to shoot and that leads to higher proficiency.
  12. xx7grant7x

    xx7grant7x Well-Known Member

    As far a Sigs go, there are certified pre-owned ones from Sig that have been mechanically refurbished (new springs, barrel, ect) and cosmetically refurbed as well. They look like brand new and I picked mine up for 500$ the down side is, they're hard to find, but a Sig dealer should be able to get their hands on one or two. I've seen 9mm 226's and .40 229's as well as .45 220's in the red cased refurb form, good deal for a good gun
  13. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Well-Known Member

    I bought a .40 S&W 229 10 years ago primarily because I liked the way it looked. Mine is acceptable and very versatile. The medium size and weight makes it very good at going from vehicle to carry and back, and that's mainly what I use it for. It still looks as good as ever and the Trijicons are still glowing for now.

    It does not have the fabled accuracy and 'hell and back" reliability that SIG lovers rave about, but it is good enough for my needs. Mine had a habit of not going all the way back into battery with some ammo early on, but I replaced the spring and the problem went away.
  14. Marcus L.

    Marcus L. Well-Known Member

    Sig Sauer recommends replacing the recoil spring every 5000rds or every 6 years of use.....which ever comes first. The maintenance schedule of most DA/SA pistols is usually more regular than that of striker fired pistols.
  15. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Well-Known Member

    At the time, it had less than 500 standard pressure factory rounds through it. Been fine ever since though.

  16. Calhoun321

    Calhoun321 Well-Known Member

    I just bought a P226 DAK in .40. The trigger is better than anything I have ever experienced. I LOVE IT!!! All of the Sigs have been tested and proven capable of handling .40. You can also now get .22 conversion kits for the 229 and 226.
  17. SJ78

    SJ78 Well-Known Member

    I dont have one But have shot the 226 several times . All i can say is it's probably one of the most accuarte ! handguns i ever shot .
  18. U.S.SFC_RET

    U.S.SFC_RET Well-Known Member

    I have a P220 and a P226 and both are very reliable. The only thing I seen go wrong is the takedown pin lever. Very accurate and will serve you well down the road. Easiest pistols in the world to disassemble and clean I have ever laid my hands on.
  19. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    The "classic" (non-1911) SIGs I've owned have been accurate and reliable, but never fit my hands well as well as having a very long DA trigger stroke which made them difficult to shoot fast and well. I shoot much better with the Glock or CZ. This is personal preference.
  20. Alpine Storm

    Alpine Storm Member

    I have shot IPSC and 3 gun matches with both. Glocks are for people who can't afford Sigs.

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