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Steyr Scout Price and Availability?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Still Learning, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Still Learning

    Still Learning Well-Known Member

    I finally got to handle my first Steyr Scout at a gunshow recently. While I really liked the feel I thought the $2200 price tag was a bit much on a used model.

    Anyone have an idea what the fair market value of these rifles are? Also, if you have some personal experience with this model I would appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Robert Farrar

    Robert Farrar Well-Known Member

    I got mine two years ago from Ammo Depot (Mesquite Tx.) 2 years ago. New in the case for 2k + tax. Best gun shop in the Dallas area IMO.
    I really like mine, it's handy, accurate enough, and just plain
    neat.;) I like the 3 point sling setup a lot - the hammerhead sling
    studs are excellent. The 2 detent magazine is nice too.

  3. MolonLabe416

    MolonLabe416 Well-Known Member

    I was at the Scout Rifle Conference at Whittington when Steyr introduced the Steyr Scout. I put my name in the hat and got one of the first 200 imported. I used it in the first 270 General Rifle class taught by Col. Cooper after it's intro in Sep. 98.
    It's an excellent rifle. It's not perfect, but nothing is.
    $2200 is a fair price. You will pay at least that to have a custom job properly set up, and can easily spend another $1k getting there.
    Jim Brockman at www.brockmansrifles.com builds outstanding Scouts in the same price range. He is also working on a base model built on a Winchester Model 70 action which I hear will come in around $1900.
    Both will shoot better than any of us from field positions.
    As a previous poster pointed out, the three point Ching sling is an outstanding concept. I have them on all my rifles with one piece stocks.
  4. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    2200 isn't bad. Think I paid approx. 2300. Sounds right. Shop around though maybe you'll find it for less.
  5. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    I agree that a price in the 2,000's is high if you don't have the moolah. Since a pastor's income is not that great, I got mine in stages. I initially bought a Steyr Scout rifle in "tactical black", without scope or sling or carrying case, for about $1300 from CDNN during one of their "Specials". I then added the scope, Talley mounts, the Ching sling, etc. over a period of about a year, as and when I had discretionary income available. I ended up paying a total of about $1,700 for the whole package - the only difference between mine and the Jeff Cooper package is the color (the package is gray) and the Talley scope mounts as opposed to the Steyr mounts on the original. No problem with those differences, as far as I'm concerned...

    It's a great rifle, and has swiftly displaced virtually all my hunting and general-purpose bolt-action rifles. I still use lever actions a lot, because I just plain like 'em, but the Steyr Scout caused me to get rid of over half-a-dozen other rifles simply because it took their place so very well.
  6. MPFreeman

    MPFreeman Well-Known Member

    Saw one two months ago in Indiana for $1550.00. used, but hardly used. Hint......find the guy going through divorce.

  7. Still Learning

    Still Learning Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all who replied. Unfortunately, my salary is about the same as a minister's so it's going to take a while to get a Scout! I'll also have to keep Jim Brockman in mind.

    As for MPFreeman's advice to "find the guy going through divorce," all I can say is, OUCH! Been in his shoes once and it wasn't pretty. I would probably pay him full asking price and through in a little extra and treat him to supper. It's taken me six years to recover to the point I can even THINK about buying a Scout!

    If any of y'all here of someone thinking about selling I would love to hear from them.

    Thanks again!
    45 year old dummy, still trying to learn
  8. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Do they come in any caliber other than .308?
  9. Bergeron

    Bergeron Well-Known Member

    There's supposed to be a "Cub" Scout available in .223.

    Nations where .308, being a military caliber, is forbidden, Cooper has suggested that it be offered in 7mm-08. I don't know if that has happened with the SS yet, though.
  10. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    My understanding is that they will soon be reimported again.

    We have one in 376 Steyr, it gets a lot of ooohs and aaahs

  11. wun_8_seven

    wun_8_seven member

    i have one with black furniture,leupold scope in steyr mounts. fired 300 rnds i'd take $1400 for if your interested. 187
  12. COHIBA

    COHIBA member

    i paid $479 for a styer SBS prohunter mountain that shot .3 at 100 out of the box. i had toyed w/ the idea of the scout but i am glad i spent the $ were i did. there is no way the scout is that much better.
    i also spent the remainder of the scout booty on a 2.5X8 leupold variX3 and a ruger #1 mannlicher in 7mm mauser (of which i did mount a leupold scout scope on).
    i spent about $1800 w/ slings scope covers leupold rings and mounts and have 2 great rifles, w/ great scopes, for what i would have spent on a scout from steyr.
    but, to each his own.
  13. jordanb

    jordanb Member

    i found my scout for 1600, and did the same thing that preacherman did....and have the same results. Everything else is lumped up in the back of my safe.:) on the other hand, the city range was shut down only months after i got my scout:cuss: so, now, i have to drive to the Whittington Range...long (4hr) drive, but it is all worthwhile once you are there....jordan
  14. rugerfreak

    rugerfreak Well-Known Member

    Starting to sound like I work for them---but CDNN has them still for a decent price---don't have the catalog right in front of me---but I would give them a call.
  15. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    I'd sell my kidney to have a steyr scout, if they made the damned things in left hand.

    I can't justify spending over a grand for a rifle with the bolt handle on the wrong side.

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