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Supressed ppk

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by kingcheese, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    my understanding of how to get a suppressor leds me to believe that i first go and talk to the dealer, then fill out a couple of forms, get fingure printed, get a passport sized photo, send it of with a check for 200 bucks then wait

    if thats not accurate please correct me

    what i am wanting to do is buy a ppk in 380 auto and then supress it with a gemtech tundra

    what i am really wanting to know is how the device attachs to the gun, it looks like the barrel has to be threaded, but looking at some of the attachment mounts led me to believe that it might be able to be held in place with a couple of set screws

    i guess in a nut shell im asking what do i have to do to mount that specific supressor and if i can buy a threaded barrel anywhere or if i have to have an exsisting one threaded
  2. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    1. No set screws, lol.

    2. You can send your gun to adco or tornado tech and they will extend and thread your factory barrel.

    3. The tundra is an old design and not up to par with todays standards

    4. The PPK is a LOUD host.

    5. www.silencertalk.com
  3. Topos

    Topos Member


    Some years ago at gun show I saw a PPK that the smith
    had replaced its barrel with a PPK/S longer barrel and
    then threaded it. From what he described he had to
    make a jig to safely push the PPK barrel out and then
    push the longer barrel in. Hunt "PPK barrel removal"
    on the net.

    In use he confessed that it was a waste of time as the sound
    reduction was not 'James Bond'.
  4. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    If you want ultimate suppression and a smile everytime you shoot the stick with a SigP226 9mm as a host(quietest per yrs of testing) and a AAC TiRant, Silencerco Osprey, or the latest verison Gemtech multimount.

    These average 124-125dB dry(no water to enhance suppression) on the P226. Thats backyard shootable....with close neighbors.

    The Beretta M92, G19, and HK USP9SD are also good hosts but for some reason the barrel stays locked up on the Sig a fraction of a second longer which traps more highpressure gas in the suppressor instead of letting it "bark" out the ejection port. Forget the PPK, its garbage for suppressor use.
  5. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    well, i geuss im going about it the wrong way then, what is the absolute best host for a supressor, im looking for something bigger then a .22, but i could settle with it if it was a really good comination
  6. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    :scrutiny: I just.....told you.
  7. Ranb

    Ranb Well-Known Member

    What Ironman said. I suppressed a 380 blowback pistol (Norinco type 59, like a Makarov) and it was loud, too much ejection port noise. Waste of time.

  8. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    sorry ironman, i took what you where saying to be an alternative, i didnt relize that you were suggesting the best :(
  9. Mike OTDP

    Mike OTDP Well-Known Member

    "Best" is a loaded term. If it's your first suppressed firearm, I would really suggest a .22, as it's a lot cheaper to feed.
  10. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    if being cheaper is the only reason, then im not supper interested in a .22, but i am still slightly open to the idea, any good .22s for the task?
  11. The PPK in .22 is about as good as any other blowback .22, but very expensive. I have progressed to the Beretta .22's. Some have used the Beretta 21 with an extended barrel, but I prefer the medium sized Model 72, 71, or 75 Beretta with a 6 inch barrel cut back and threaded. Here is mine. There is not much in the way of offerings between the .22 and 9mm; 9mm seems to be the next practical step up, and there are some sweet compact 9's, but longer, threaded barrels for them might be a task to find. I have a Docter sight on my Beretta, and the package is reasonably small, very light (AAC Pilot suppressor), and very efficient with the Docter sight. The entire unit, with Docter sight fits a large Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster with no modifications. [​IMG][/IMG]
  12. Ironman

    Ironman Well-Known Member

    If you go with a .22lr host/suppressor then stay with a barrel under 4.5" or else youll have to use subsonic ammo. Any barrel 4.5" or less will run the bulk pack high velocity ammo without breaking the sound barrier and producing loud sonic crack.

    If you want some a** behind your setup the I suggest a SigP226 and silencerco Osprey or AAC Tirant suppressor and fiocchi 158grn ammo. This is not only spooky quiet for a 9mm but hits with authority.
  13. Keith@Liberty

    Keith@Liberty Member

    Check out our Mystic, it's rated for 20+ different cartridges. Anything from .22 up to .308 subsonic loads. We have various mounts available so it can be mounted on a pistol, sub gun, or on a rifle. If you have any questions call us or send us an email. Here's the link to the Mystic page on our site http://www.libertycans.net/mystic.html. We actually love shooting it on our Sig P226 as seen on our page.
  14. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    so, i looked up the tirant and like what i see, what exactly do i need to mount it to the P226, can i buy an off the shelf barrel with threads, or do i have to have the original/replacement barrel shipped somewhere to get the threads,

    thanks for all the input thus far
  15. rjrivero

    rjrivero Well-Known Member

    Liberty Mystic:

    Kieth does not lie. I just got a Liberty Mystic from them, and it's longer than the Trident-9 that I have, and longer than the Osprey-9. It's also a bit heavier than either of them, but damn if it's not quieter than either of them as well.

    Such a nice design, as well. It will be my "go to" can for the 300 BLACKOUT project I'm working on. ;)
  16. kingcheese

    kingcheese Well-Known Member

    any help on how to mount the suppressor, if you havent figured it out yet, i know almost nothing about theese things, and i need an idea of how much it will cost for me to mount the suppressor, and if i had a link to a website that sells threaded barrels for a large amount of different firearms, that would all help

    my plan is to choose one of two projects for the summer, i am either going to make a pistol grip nagant rifle, or i am going to buy a pistol then supress it, but i need an idea about how much the pistol is going to cost total, i am hoping that this summer all have 2-3G's to put on it,

    and one last question, is harder or easier to supress a .45acp, i know that it moves slower then a 9mm, and it sounds like speed makes a big difference, and i have found a source for 1911 barrels with threads

    all help is appreciated and thanks for the responses so far
  17. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but God help me, I first read the title of this thread as "Suppressed pork".

    Needless to say, I was momentarily very confused on a number of levels. :eek: I'm glad it's actually a thread about guns, and not a new level of "tactical bacon".

    Anyway, sorry for the thread drift. I'll let ya'll get back to matters at hand. :)
  18. Probably fron the sheer volume of gases created, a .45 is harder to suppress effectively than 9mm is with subsonic ammo. A .45 is probably going to be 10-20% louder than a comparably suppressed 9mm (subsonic in both). There are nice suppressors for both, and the technology is still advancing, but I think the 9mm will always be the easier or most effectively suppressed of the two.
  19. Keith@Liberty

    Keith@Liberty Member

  20. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

    find a high standard trophy and buy a spare barrel.have the spare barrel sent to manufacturer and have a barrell over conversion done.then you will have an unsupreesed bbl and a supressed bbl.or,buy ruger 512 ss pistol and have a bbl over conversion done on that
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