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Wal-Mart adopts new ammo policy

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Ashcons, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Ashcons

    Ashcons Well-Known Member

  2. GCBurner

    GCBurner Well-Known Member

    I saw that at the local Walmart last night. The guy running sporting goods said a husband and wife had come in and bought the last 6 boxes of .22LR, 3 boxes each. He said they expect supplies to probably get back to normal by sometime in March, if nothing else happens to keep the panic buying going.
  3. d-dogg

    d-dogg Well-Known Member

    And I have absolutely no problem with that!
  4. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    That shows up in this thread where apparently some did not take too kindly to the new policy.

    When all this began, while Cabela's was taking back orders I ordered some .223 just out of curiosity. I ordered 800 rounds with free shipping. That was December 27th. Got another follow up email yesterday that they expect delivery around 28 Feb. so my order should ship early March. Regular pricing no problem so we shall wait and see.

    Wal-Mart is just trying to spread what they have and get over a wide customer base.

  5. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    They held out longer than most on purchase limits, but even the retail giant isn't immune from supply shortages.
  6. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Good plan, I have no problem.
  7. wooly bugger

    wooly bugger Well-Known Member

    Even Midway is limiting to 2 bricks of .22LR. Fine with me. Prevents some rich <removed> from buying up the whole inventory.
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  8. O C

    O C Well-Known Member

    Walmart has almost 4,000 stores in the US. Try stocking all of them with ammo, and guns. They could sell the entire years production of Bushmaster in a week.
  9. Ashcons

    Ashcons Well-Known Member

    Doesn't bother me either, but it's a bit late judging by the ammo shelves. My wife was pretty impressed at how barren it was. They'd even moved the BP rifles into their normal rifle cases to make it look like they had firearms in stock (usually their BP stuff is locked up and neglected in a sad corner of the sporting goods dept).
  10. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    smart. me, the consumer (who was just about done going to Walmart looking for ammo) will now troll the aisles more often in the hopes of a few boxes on the shelf, maybe picking up a few odds and ends along the way.

    smart business decision.
  11. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    I noticed after Academy Sports imposed purchase limits, you can now at least get 40/45 pretty regular, still haven't seen any 22LR/223/9mm
  12. gossamer

    gossamer Well-Known Member

    +1 here
  13. random_gun

    random_gun Well-Known Member

    The ammo shelf has been empty for like a month... How does this matter?
  14. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    I was at my local Academy talking to the gun dept guys, and they said for the past month the same guys would be at the door every morning to buy up any ammo they could, and it would always end up at a gun show on the weekend going for 3 times the price. They since put a stop to this with purchase limits.
  15. PGT

    PGT Well-Known Member

    100% reasonable. I stopped going by Wallyworld because a) its Wallyworld and b) there's NEVER anything there and c) mine is a "Super Wal-Mart" that's as big as a mall and the Sporting Goods section is in the back corner meaning a fruitless trip is a 20min diversion
  16. soonerfan85

    soonerfan85 Well-Known Member

    It's about time.

    Gun Dept. Associate told me last weekend they are still receiving ammo, but it sells before they even remove it from the pallets. They've got a small number of people hanging around in the early morning hours waiting on ammo to appear then buying it all. I'm guessing they're small gun/pawn stores that can't get ammo from their normal suppliers, or individuals reselling ammo thru classifieds or guns shows as previous poster noted.

    Three boxes of CCI Tactical .22 standard velocity would make me very happy for a couple of weeks. :)
  17. PGT

    PGT Well-Known Member

    I got an email this morning from SGAmmo.com about 5k rd cases of CCI 22 SV for $299. They sold out in 15min (I got one, luckily). Tonight, there no less than ten auctions for the same thing all from the same seller on GB and they were up near $500 last I checked. I wouldn't doubt that people are clearing out Wal-Mart and making $$ on it.

    edit - http://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?IncludeSellers=1738368
  18. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Plenty of large dealers doing the same since the run on ammo started. Far too many people clearing out the shelves and then taking the goods to shows and marking it up.
  19. soonerfan85

    soonerfan85 Well-Known Member

    You lucky dog. :D
  20. crazy-mp

    crazy-mp Well-Known Member

    I guess the free market system is dead.

    The same ones that say hooray Wal-Mart is limiting ammo will get bent out of shape if the government passes a law that says you can only have 5 boxes of ammo for a gun or you can only buy 3 guns a year.

    Yet another reason to support you local gun store not the box store.

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