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Which Sig 239 to buy?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by .455_Hunter, Mar 5, 2008.


Which 239 for CCW?

  1. 9 mm (8+1 capacity)

    13 vote(s)
  2. .357 Sig (7+1 capacity)

    3 vote(s)
  3. .40 S&W (7+1 capacity)

    13 vote(s)
  4. Get one of the used 9 mm 225/P6 used German police guns on the market right for $300 and be happy!

    9 vote(s)
  1. .455_Hunter

    .455_Hunter New Member


    I am thinking about getting a Sig 239 for CCW. I don't like striker fired guns, and I don't like polymer frame guns, so that pretty much leaves me with metal framed hammered guns :)

    I like the 239's de-cocker and the grip fits me very well. Which caliber would be the best choice balancing blast, controllability, capacity and stopping power?

    Please comment.


  2. Cowboy2

    Cowboy2 New Member

    Mine is a .40. With a set of Hogue grips on it, its a pleasure to shoot and very easy to control. Factory grips weren't bad, but I really like the Hogues. Unless you are very recoil sensitive, it won't be an issue.

    Personally, for a self defense gun, I'd want the .40. Heavier bullet, larger diameter, and it isn't like you are giving up much in the way of capacity.
  3. JDGray

    JDGray Active Member

    I voted for the 9mm, why? because thats what mine is:D I traded for it, or I would have bought a 40. The 9mm is perfectly adequate for self defence, and you'll practice more, since ammo less expensive. The 9mm is slightly thinner, and they all carry great, with the small grip.:)
  4. AK103K

    AK103K Active Member

    I have a P239 in 357. Its a great shooter, and if your going that route, you might as well take advantage of the extra power it and the .40 offer. They are easy shooters in either caliber.

    I have a set of Houge wood grips on mine. The stock grips are a tad to skinny for my liking. I wish they would offer a set with more swell in them, as I prefer the stock SIG grips over most others.

    Keep in mind with the P6's, by the time you put a set of night sights on them, and swap out the mainspring so the DA trigger is decent, your adding about another $100+ to its price.
  5. Cowboy2

    Cowboy2 New Member

    I should note the Hogue grips I was referring to are the rubber finger groove model. Fits my hand like a glove.
  6. UnTainted

    UnTainted New Member

    I say get the 239 if you like it and want it, instead of the P6 or 225 unless you like that and want that, but more than the 239, cause if you like 'em both, you'll probably end up with both eventually, so you'll have to ratio out which will create the highest amount of satisfaction by being purchased first.

    I voted 239 in 357sig cause you could always get a .40 barrel later and the 357sig has awesome velocities out of a short barrel. Course my fav caliber is the 9, so I might recommend that 239 in 9mm quite comfortably as well; the 9 does mad good in a short barrel too.
  7. bluto

    bluto New Member

    Hogue finger groove grips are a must for the P239.

    I just got my first 239 in 9mm about a month ago. It's the most accurate 9mm I have and a pussycat to shoot. Easy follow-up shots. I'm sure it's great in any caliber but I'll stick with 9mm in that model. I only wish I'd bought one a lot sooner.
  8. evan price

    evan price Active Member

    I've owned a 9mm p239 since 1996, the Hogue finger-groove grips are the best on this pistol- it fits me like it was made for me. With modern self-defense ammo, 9mm vs 40 vs 357sig is really only a deviation of a percent or two in terms of penetration and expansion. It's practically neck and neck in a short barrel like a P239.

    That said, if someone else were paying for my ammo (Duty weapon, for ex.)I would want a .357 Sig caliber.

    Since I pay for my own ammo (and load it myself, too) I carry a 9mm and practice practice practice for $3.50 a box.

    This pistol is about the most accurate 9mm I have ever shot or owned.

    Also, my daily CCW piece.

    The P225/P6's are at AIMSurplus for $259 right now, nice guns, but chunkier and a little bigger than a P239. The P239 is the superior CCW choice IMHO.
  9. gb6491

    gb6491 Active Member

    I'd go with the 239 in 40 (or 357). If you are so inclined, there are conversion barrels for the other two calibers. The 9mm 239 is not convertible (smaller slide) to either 357 or 40.
  10. chilie

    chilie New Member

    My vote is for the 239 in 357sig....why? Cuzi just bought one!!:)

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