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Why don't they make a .22 magnum autopistol anymore?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by WonderNine, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    That would be alot of fun and hold alot of rounds. I've heard of the AMT, but supposedly they were jamamatics and look kinda ugly. Does anyone know of a manufactorer who makes a .22 magnum automatic nowadays?
  2. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    'cause none of them worked
  3. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    There are alot of people who would pay good money for a decent one that DID work.
  4. dude

    dude Well-Known Member

    I would!

    over the years I tried an AMT and some other one (that had a 30 round flush mag!)............niether could get through 3 or 4 rounds without a jam.

    A nice 6" barrel .22mag revolver is a blast though.
  5. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    And for concealment...think about it you could have something holding 12 rounds that is the size of a P32 Kel-Tec.
  6. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Discounting a small group of niche shooters, I doubt many would really buy a 12 round 22 Magnum of the P32. I would and you would and maybe another 1,000 people. After seting up the equipment, they'd have to charge about $900 a piece. I'm sure most folks would rather have a .32 caliber hole. Or a .35 caliber hole with the upcoming 380.
  7. EJ

    EJ Well-Known Member

    I had an AMT II that worked--
    I sold it--:banghead:
  8. Crimper-D

    Crimper-D Well-Known Member

    I can only think of 2

    The Grendel = a TOTAL POS! = Plastric n' potmetal and have pieces fall off during fireing. It DID have a 30 Round doublestack mag to attract the gullable, and a few were sold on that point alone, but it simply didn't WORK:fire:

    The AMT??? Functional (sometimes) but not accurate and the Blast was a sure way to clear a fireing line and the Balloffire muzzleflash was about the size of a VW Bug!:what:

    Recommendation: If you _must_ be disagreeable on a fireing line, use something REALLY obnoxious like a .44Automag or one ofthose 50cal Desert Eagle thingys.:neener:
  9. firestar

    firestar member

    Have you seen the price of .22 mag ammo? I can't buy 9mm for less than .22mag. Someone is screwing us.:scrutiny:
  10. EJ

    EJ Well-Known Member

    True -- My AMT automag II did have an UNBELIEVABLE muzzle flash--
  11. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Member In Memoriam

    Funny you should ask that, WonderNine. I was wondering the same thing last week. :D
  12. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Well-Known Member

    :D I tried a .45-70 Contender in my favorite range during the winter one year. Every shot blew out all 4 wall furnaces behind us. Naturally everybody was getting rather PO'd. :cuss: at that and, of course, the ungodly noise. Well, hell, I had to try it out.:eek: Lucky for everybody at the range, it turned out to be the most unpleasant experience with firearms in my entire life. It now is an expensive paperweight.:rolleyes:

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