12 gauge

  1. JShirley

    Perfect vs One Gun

    I've taken deer with 12 GA (slugs and buckshot), .308, .30-06, .45-70, crossbow, and I finished off with .40 S&W a very tough deer who believed that a .35 Remington through the boiler wasn't enough to put HIM down. I have been looking for the "perfect" deer caliber for over 20 years. I define...
  2. N555

    Double cringe build

    Look at this dumpster fire 12 gauge. This way I'm not ruining anything nice. My only requirements are "can fire modern ammo, but doesn't hAvE to be 3inch". That's pretty much it. Blueing, optional, less is better. A nice stock, no External rust, preferable. A decent bore, only part of it...
  3. Autodidactic

    Mossberg 500: accessories and upgrades

    Hello folks, I got a Mossberg 500 recently. My uses are home defense and hunting. I have a short and long barrel respectively. Mine is a plain Jane synthetic stock. I’m thinking upgrading the stock, forehandle, equipping a side shell holder on top maybe with picatinny rail, and attaching a...
  4. Alex G

    Sources for Lead Shot Online

    Good morning everyone! Recently moved from southern Ohio up to the Ann Arbor Michigan area, and can’t seem to find any local shops within reasonable driving distance that carry shotshell loading components. Are there any online shops that are offering shot for less than $75/25lb? I’ve found...
  5. G

    A New Benelli for Christmas!

    So Santa was very kind to me this year and is getting me a new Benelli Super Black Eagle although it will be arriving a little bit late. Well Santa needs to know what furniture I want on it. I really like the look of the walnut furniture with the blued barrel. However I will be taking this baby...
  6. M

    Reloading data for Estate Cartridge

    Good evening, I was hoping that some one here would be able to tell me where I can find reloading data for Estate 12 gauge shot shells? I know that the Estate factory is right next door to the Federal cartridge plant and owned by the same company, but I do not know if they use the same method...
  7. Alex G

    Shotshell reloading-component advice needed

    Hello All! looking to get into shotshell reloading for 12 gauge here in the next few months, and was wondering what people’s favorite standard velocity trap load recipes were :) So far, I’m planning on using Win AA hulls, as that’s what I have on hand. (2 3/4”) Lead shot most likely, seems...
  8. L

    Would a 12 Gauge Slug Knock You Over While Wearing Armor?

    If wearing body armor that could effectively stop a 12 Gauge Slug from penetrating, would the ridiculous momentum from the slug Knock the wearer over, if not send them flying back? A 1.25 Oz Slug @ 1551 FPS delivers 2920 Ft/Lbs of kinetic energy and 121 Ft/Lbs of momentum. What would happen?
  9. M

    Mossberg/Maverick bent cartridge stop?

    My maverick 88 has not been reliably feeding shells from the tube into the chamber recently. Initially I thought it was the ammo, as I have never had a feeding issue before, but upon trying different shells that have run perfectly fine in it before, the issue was still happening. I gave it a...
  10. Solomonson

    What happened to polymer AR-15 style shotguns like the Akdal MKA-1919?

    What ever happened to polymer AR-15 style shotguns like the Akdal MKA-1919? There were a number of brands for a while, like the Bora Barak BR99. I remember a fellow 3Gunner bought one and it ran pretty darned good. I remember he paid around $450ish. I thought "I'll wait until they are closer to...
  11. JackaL618

    (Mossberg) Shockwave vs 18.5” vs 20” - Notes from an owner of all three

    Hello everyone, I made this post a while back on Mossberg’s Reddit, and I thought it might be worth posting this information here. I’ve cleaned it up a bit to be better formatted for this site. While this was centered around Mossberg, other shotgun manufacturers tend to have the same lengths...
  12. Josh1992

    Synthetic stock for an old Remington model 11?

    I have an old Remington model 11 semi auto 12 gauge shotgun. Do they make synthetic/ polymer stocks for this model? Any other resources to check into? Thanks! - josh
  13. R

    Maverick 88 problem? was it the ammo?

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, name's Tony. Had a question about my gun maybe someone can help. I shot my brand new Maverick 88 today, and had quite an alarming malfunction happen twice. I was shooting #4 birdshot, they were cycling ok, with one small exception, sometimes I would pump it, and...
  14. 748

    Mossberg 500A 12 gauge barrel search

    I inherited my dad's dedicated zombie slayer. It's an 8 shot with 20 inche barrel. Dad had a pistol grip on it, already tried the pistol grip shotgun thing many years ago, didn't like it, was able to find the original stock so I put it back on. It has the standard pipe barrel with no choke. I...
  15. T

    Wingmaster ejector

    Where could I purchase a forged ejector for a 60's wingmaster?
  16. J

    Muzzleloader/Blackpowder novice with a help request...

    I recently bought a H&R 12 ga. muzzleloader barrel to add to my collection of barrels and I'm a ML novice. It turns out the barrel I bought has the o-ring style breach plug (but the barrel itself is threaded in the chamber area). I've also asked on GBO for some advice, but thought I'd ask here...
  17. .22LR-1995

    1919 Winchester model 12

    I recently purchased a Winchester model 1912 .12 gauge shotgun from a man for $20, it was a gun kept in a shed sadly. But it had a low brass shell hung in the chamber because it was not oiled, I sprayed aerokroil in the action (respectively the best lubricant I’ve found) and the action ejected...
  18. cfullgraf

    Beretta A400 Xcel 12 ga Owners opinions

    I have a A400 Xcel 12 ga that I have had a for a few years and not put a round through it. I recently joined a new gun club and plan to shoot more skeet than I have shot in the past several years. I'll probably shoot my competition tubed Citori most but would like to shoot the A400 Xcel some...
  19. T

    Buckshot size vs range

    Beginner question here, if 00 buck retains it's energy better at range than smaller shot why do coyote hunters usually use 4 buck for super long shots some close to 70 yards. Can the small number of pellets just not hit with 00? Side question in your opinion which shot size can be pushed to the...
  20. T

    Carlson's choke

    Hey all I finally found a carlsons barrel for my 870 in 24"(from what I've heard since I don't hunt birds short is better). I plan on buying a set of all the same chokes most likely just in different patterns, can anybody point me in the right direction for which model would be good all around?