1. Big-bore-bob

    First ever try at indoor bullseye!

    Hi all, Today I had my first experience at indoor bullseye competition. There's a league at my local indoor range with several old timers who are excellent shooters. I was given a lot of great advice ranging from stance to wobble zone to trigger control and I'm overwhelmed and excited to train...
  2. Big-bore-bob

    Hp38 and bullseye temperature sensitivity

    Hi all, I loaded a butt load of 45 acp rounds some with bullseye and some with hp38. 230gr zero fmj at 1.255, win lpp. My velocities with the bullseye 5.0gr avg 850. Hp38 5.4gr velocities avg 837. I chrono'd the rounds today, temp was 37 degrees F. Will these rounds chrono higher when summer...
  3. Big-bore-bob

    Changing load data for new primer and bullet .45 acp

    Hi all, quick question. Rmr was out of 45 acp bullets so I ordered Zero's 230gr fmj. I ran out of cci and remington lpp and I'm starting to load with win lpp. My current loads are 5gr bullseye or 5.5gr hp38 at 1.260-1.265. Should I back my charge weights down a bit because of component changes...
  4. Big-bore-bob

    Rmr smiley 147gr .357 magnum

    Hi all, I'm putting in an order soon for some RMR 147gr fmj smiley bullets for my .357 mag 686+. I'm looking for some midrange starting loads for target practice ( don't want to waste my stash of h110 but ill probably sacrifice some in the name of education) i am curious about h110 load data...
  5. Big-bore-bob

    Sig P210 target accurate handloads

    Hi all, Just acquired an American made sig p210 target pistol. I'm stoked on the new piece and I'm already thinking about handloading match grade ammo for it (haven't even fired it yet lol) Does anyone out there load for this pistol? If so what grain/style of bullet do you have the best results...
  6. F

    Advice on 9mm load?

    This is kind of long. And kind of wordy. But my reasoning is that it’ll save time to tell as much as I can. So, just to lay out the variables… I’m working on a 9mm load with HP-38 (I have six pounds…) and 125gr moly-coated conical nose bullets from Summit City (cheap). I did a ladder test and...
  7. O

    How hard should wadcutters be pushed in Airweight J-frames?

    Hoping for Bullseye and W231 charge wts that won't harm my .38 Model 37 yet be stronger than mouse fart target loads. I normally load 2.7 grs of Bullseye behind bevel-base wadcutters for concealed carry & range practice but these may be a bit light. Have gone as high as 3.3 grs Bullseye, but...
  8. 2

    Light .38 Special Load

    Does anyone shoot regularly with a light 38spcl load? I made some 158gr (Berry's plated) using 3.0 of Bullseye per Lyman manual and it was very pleasant out of a 5" GP100. I don't have a chrono yet and am curious as to what the real-world velocity of this load is. Lyman 50th says 3.0 BE is...
  9. TerribleSwede

    Marble's Bullseye Sight for "Ted Williams Model 100" (Winchester Model 94 Carbine)

    I have an old Ted Williams Model 100 which is actually an "economy" version of the Winchester Model 94. I don't have the greatest vision, so I want to put a better rear sight on it without changing the look of the gun much. I know a tang or receiver mounted peep sight is an option, but I don't...
  10. B

    HP vs RN Powder

    Hi, I'm new to reloading. I have Berry RN 9mm bullets and Bullseye powder. When I go to the Alliant Powder site to get load data, it's only showing me HP. Does it matter if the bullet is a HP or a RN I know the OAL will be different but looking for Load Data for RN using Alliant Bullseye for 9mm
  11. C

    148gr HBWC Powder Choice

    I just found some 148gr HBWC (Hornady) and thought I would try them out. I know that the stand by is 2.8-3.0gr of Bullseye but I have a lot of Titegroup on hand and thought I would give that a try. I looked it up on Hodgdon's website. There they list the starting load at 2.7gr and list it to...
  12. BuckWildM9

    Reloads with bullseye and 45acp lead

    Hey guys. So im currently reloading about 200 grain cast lead bullets into some nice little 45acp. Im running bullseye powder at around 4.3 grains as well. But my book doesnt tell me what length i should press the bullet in. Any suggestions?
  13. gundoc1

    .38 spcl cast bullets and loads

    Hello gang am looking to put together a good cast load for my Colt revolver in .38 SPCL am looking at Missouri bullet co 158 grooveless match bullets in front of 3.5 gr bullseye or IMR 700x whatch yall think? also I heard there is a discount code for THR members if ya could pm it to me that...
  14. VoodooMountain

    Reccomend a very accurate handgun

    Im looking for a handgun that is mechanically capable of 3-4" groups at 50 yards. 1911 is an obvious choice but what else is this capable ? I've heard the cz75 isnt on par with a tight 1911. 226? 686? Blackhawk? I am open to 9mm, 44, 45, or 357. ETA: budget of $800
  15. tcj

    Rec'd Soft target loads 9mm/125gr coatged lead with either AA#5 or Bullseye

    I've run out of some of my powders but have a bunch of AA#5 and Bullseye left. Looking for soft target loads for 9mm using 125gr coated lead bullets (the Blue Bullets). These are to shoot out of full size semi-auto's including a G17, a CZ75 and a 1911. Accuracy only needed out to 25yrds...
  16. H

    Breaking the Rules in 25 ACP

    Skulking around some rural gun shops over Columbus Day, I scored a box of Hornady 35 grain XTP bullet in .251 diameter (for use 25 ACP). Normally, when I develop a load, I will load ten rounds at the Starting load, followed by ten rounds at each increment between the Starting load and Maximum...
  17. H

    Retirement Planning

    I wanted to get most of my reloading needs taken care of before I retired when my wife's and my income will drop. I'm nearly there. But during the shortages of the last few years, I was in the mode of "see powder, buy powder" and so I've got something of a mixed bag when it comes to pistol...
  18. H

    Boatload O' Bullseye

    As many have elsewhere posted, it seemed in the run-up to Christmas, Gander Mountain raised all the prices in their retail stores. The one exception seemed to be powder and primers which were no higher than any place else in the area (and in some cases, cheaper). After they were sold and...
  19. M

    First time using Xtreme 200gr FP

    I am relatively new to reloading, about 1 year now, and found little data for 45acp and Xtreme's 200gr flat point bullets. Also just acquired a LabRadar chronograph. Thought I would share the following data and would like to know if anyone else has an opinion on whether it seems reasonable...
  20. P

    Help with 9mm 147gr LC (Molly) with Bullseye Load data

    Ok I am going to start off by saying I am new to loading handgun ammunition and just got a XL650. I am taking it slow and trying to be cautious but since the powder I ordered is backordered I went down to the local Gander mountain to pick up some primers and powder. I asked for their...