concealed carry

  1. L

    Why I Think Open Carry Isn't Wiser than Concealed Carry (In Most Instances/For Most People)

    Preface: This is me sharing my personal opinion from my own understanding. And this is primarily with self-defense (against humans) in mind. Also with carrying wherever you can legally do so. This includes in public, running errands, work, etc. **Not** for example, in your own home, on some...
  2. ReggiesFree

    Concealed Carry at Public Events? (Moved from Legal)

    Hey Studs, I have become so accustomed to concealed carry, I feel a little awkward at public events like professional sports, concerts, and huge gatherings without my heat!! I do my best to park strategically and close to entrances and utilize my handicap status. I do have friends that...
  3. P

    Draw Or Don't Draw?

    In this scenario a concealed carrying bystander shoots and kills armed robber but the armed robber shoots and kills the clerk in response. Here is a link to the article. So my question, that I hope gets more replies...
  4. P

    Need Help Choosing First Pistol

    Not new to firearms or pistols, however this will be the first one that I have owned after recently being approved for an unrestricted pistol permit. I am hoping to find something that's practical for concealment, yet isn't compromised in it's shooting ability by it's size (I want to be able to...
  5. CherokeeGunslinger

    Misconceptions about Ohio's constitutional carry law

    This is going to be quite a long post, but when it's got to do with law, you can't summarize. Just please, bear with me and have some patience, and I promise you'll leave this thread with useful knowledge. "Here goes." I've heard a bit of misinformation going around about Ohio's constitutional...
  6. J

    Keep Carry Ammo Clean w/ ammo shortage

    Hey guys, this is my first post ever. I have come across a problem with my carry ammo. It seems to collect a lot of lint (as does my gun and holster). I just replaced my old ammo with some really nice federal HST ammo. I’m worried that after a few months of carry this new ammo will start looking...
  7. E

    Laws on carrying in your car in Louisiana

    Hi, I want to know the laws concerning carrying a handgun in your car. I live in Louisiana and my parent has a licensed handgun that is left in my car with me for safety, but I am only 17 and not licensed for any type of gun. Is it illegal for me to have that gun with me in my car and be...
  8. Craig_AR

    Enhanced Carry Training in Arkansas

    Just completed training at Arkansas Armory in North Little Rock (Sherwood) for my Enhanced CHC license. Excellent training there, and very impressive store and indoor range. Well run, family-owned location; one of the owners, Nathan, taught the classroom today, and took care of my required range...
  9. Olon

    Concealed Carry Snubbie?

    Fellow gunners, Right now the only pistol I own is a Glock 23, and I love that gun. I find revolvers fascinating though and I'd like to have one. My 21st birthday is coming up and I'm looking forward to being able to carry concealed. When it gets warm and I'm wearing thinner clothes I can't...
  10. Solomonson

    Concealed Carry as Protection Against Wildlife?

    I'm a fairly serious hiker living in a state/county where it's extremely difficult to get a concealed carry permit. I have now seen five large mountain lions up close and personal and it's beginning to scare me. Mountain lions around these parts are FAR more aggressive than they used to me...
  11. Stationary Smell

    Best revolver for CONCEALED carry

    I keep thinking I want a revolver for concealed carry (even though I have perfectly good 9mms that work fine...) and was looking for ideas. Holster suggestions are great as well, pictures are always welcoe. I carry inside the waistband but pocket carry would probably be considered as well. Ilk...
  12. G

    Carrying Concealed In California

    Under current California law, is it legal for a police officer to detain someone merely on the basis that he believes he sees a firearm printing in your pocket or other part of your person? And second, if you get stopped and frisked but are carrying the firearm in a wallet holster is it still...
  13. G

    Best Jeans To Pocket Carry A Kahr PM45

    Hi, I've been thinking lately about getting a Kahr PM 45 or similarly sized 45. However, I am wondering if anyone could recommend me some good jeans for pocket carrying this pistol.I don't like khakis or cargos, are there any actual denim jeans where the PM 45 would just disappear inside the pocket?
  14. V

    Suspenders for Concealed Carry?

    I hope this thread is in the correct place. I carry a Shield 40 S&W. For me, I feel it is the smallest size (physical dimensions, not caliber) that I am comfortable with. I carry it in a kydex holster. Prior to this, I've had other holsters, including a kydex/leather hybrid. The current...
  15. M

    Concealed carry fashion show gives options for women gun owners

    Concealed carry fashion show gives options for women gun owners “The Well-Armed Woman” had an event in Indianapolis with the focus on concealed carry for women. The article mentions that concealed carry for woman have different requirements than men noting that some women's fashions do not...
  16. S

    What are you go to carry guns?

    Summer, and backpacking H&K USP .45 C Winter, Springfield XD-357 In the summer and in the backcountry I carry the USP. That pistol has been through stream crossings, torrential rain, heat, snow, and mud. I have never had a malfunction in that weapon. In the winter I put a premium on...
  17. K

    Considerations Regarding the Concealed and Open Carry of Firearms

    One of the most discussed subjects pertaining to the carrying of handguns is that of whether to carry openly or concealed. In some jurisdictions, citizens may carry openly, with or without a permit depending upon the laws. In many others, citizens may only carry concealed. When citizens have a...