1. Alex G

    Non-flaring Dillon powder funnel for loading 9mm

    Hello all, My newly purchased Dillon XL-750 arrived today, and I’m excited to get loading on it! That being said, the one thing I do not like is how the Dillon powder measure funnels for pistol are only the expanding type. When I still had my LNL AP, I’d flare with a Lyman M-die in station 1...
  2. Jack Hinson

    Purpose built funnel for handloading single rounds of multiple cartridges

    I got tired of using a plastic funnel when loading individual cartridge cases for velocity testing, so I made this funnel out of a piece of 3/4" aluminum round stock. The lowest level is about .270" to fit into the neck of a .270 Winchester case, the next lowest level is .300" o fit into any one...
  3. P

    Lyman Brass Smith Funnel adapters (3D printable) Version 10-18-2020

    Here are the 223Rem, 308Win, and 6.5CM 3D printable cartridge specific adapters for the Lyman brass smith funnel. This adapter will make the funnel sit up right much better than inserts that it came with. I printed these at 0.2mm thickness and 35mm/s print speed. You may have to play with the...