1. M

    Holsters For Hunting

    I just want to know which holster is good for hunting from Pocket holsters, belt & shoulder?
  2. courtgreene

    I took a friend hunting

    I took a friend, colleague, coworker, etc... hunting this year. As I am one to do, I then came home and analyzed the trip to see what I could learn from the experience. So, if I'm allowed, and I think I am, I'll link to the blog post. It's about community and who was involved in what seems like...
  3. G

    Small Game Bow Hunting

    Recently got some Zwickey Judo points and did a little target/stump shooting with them. They seem to be extremely tough and come out of a dead log with relative ease. I would like to hear from others that have used points like this for small game, mostly squirrels. My deer bow is a 60 lb...
  4. K

    Bought some soft points and some of the tips seem uneven

    I just bought some Federal Fusion 165gr to test in my .308 and I noticed many of the bullets have uneven pieces of lead sticking off of the tip. I was wondering if I need to take a razor blade to the tips of some of them to make them more aerodynamic. I do know Federal has a process to make the...
  5. F

    .357 mag, .44 mag or .454 casull in a 20 inch rifle

    I’m trying to decide which cartridge would be the most “utilitarian” for hunting purposes. With each one moving to a 20” barrel can net an extra 3-400 FPS with the right loads, putting them all in the same 1700-1900 FPS range, so then the differences are weight and diameter and I guess drop at...
  6. G

    Thinking of getting a .308 bolt action

    So with hunting season getting closer I have started thinking about maybe investing in a .308 bolt action. I do not have a .308 rifle currently. So this would give me a reason to add another caliber to my collection which makes me smile. I though about doing this last year as well but ended up...
  7. K

    Does using special bait at a feeder warn hogs a hunter is present?

    I hunt in Texas and we have feeders on the property and occasionally spread corn on shooting lanes when hot hunting. I like to make fermented corn bait so I will put yeast and corn in with ripe fruit or koolade mix to make special bait. Corn or natural bait work fine but I like doing something...
  8. coldboremiracle

    Triumph Favors the Prepared

    I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to hunting, not only am I blessed to hunt frequently, but I’ve managed to become mildly proficient at it. This past season was a tough one when compared to the preceding decade, but perseverance and a healthy bit of luck kept a special surprise for me...
  9. K

    Travel by Air

    Hi THR I am going hunting this month and am super excited. I think I've gotten everything setup, but am not 100% on whether I should "check bag" my scope or "carry on" it. TSA says both are okay. I'm concerned it may damage the scope if a dingdong drops my rifle bag (hard outside foam inside...
  10. Hunter 08

    Lead free hunting ammo

    It looks as though my home state of Minnesota is really going ham on banning lead based hunting ammo and lead sinkers for fishing. I've only found Nosler and maybe Federal, but only online. Granted I live in Nebraska now, but I may as well try to get ahead of the curve just incase something like...
  11. Hunter 08

    What is the general consensus on MDT Chassis?

    A few years ago when I joined here, I wanted to do a rifle build. Savage Axis XP II in 7mm08 with a MDT LSS chassis for hunting. Instead I bought a Marlin 336 stainless .30-30. No idea how I went from one side to the other. Love the rifle, despite the flaws of a newer built Remlin. Now I want to...
  12. M

    9mm deer load

    The gun is a mark2 semi auto sten. I have worked up a load that's kind of impressive. 11gr of AA9 compressed, with a small rifle primer for 124gr. It's a half grain over the max, uses small rifle primers. Velocity is about 1,580 +/-10 feet per second out of a 9.5inch barrel. Accuracy is between...
  13. American_Fusilier

    Bear/woods pistol

    What pistol do you strap onto your hip when you go into Indian country? Be it hunting, camping, hiking, or around the ranch/homestead, what your go anti wildlife pistol? I'm not taking concealed carry. I take with me either my EAA Vindicator in 357 mag or my RIA 1911 in 45. My ideal gun...
  14. American_Fusilier

    Hog hunt calibers

    What calibers would you want to take on a feral hog hunt?
  15. M

    Modern ammo got self-defense calibers down to 9mm, why hasn't the same happened for wilderness?

    Bit of an essay to follow, but the TLDR is a question - why haven't smaller, lighter rounds replaced heavier more powerful rounds in hunting and wilderness defense, the way they have in self defense applications? The iconic handguns used over the years for self defense have steadily come down...
  16. G

    Gamo Wildcat Whisper

    I was looking at these for a possible squirrel hunting/target shooting air gun. It's advertised on Amazon as 975 fps for the .22 caliber model. Anyone have experience with this rifle as far as accuracy and effectiveness on small game?
  17. G

    .50 vs .45 For Hunting Buffalo?

    I'm going to Africa to hunt buffalo and possibly hippos as well as perhaps rhinos. As a backup weapon I currently have the option of choosing something that'll shoot a .50, 300gr solid at 700fps or something that'll shoot a. 45, 255gr solid at 1050fps. Which of these would be the better option...
  18. N

    Speer .451 260 grain JHP performance vs velocity?

    I can't find much of anything online regarding how this bullet performs on deer at various velocities, or what the velocity limit should be before it grenades. Hornady has a nice velocity range chart for it's XTP bullets, but I found nothing similar for Speer. I have the option to use these...
  19. A

    Best .300 Blackout Subsonic Ammo for Deer Hunting with Suppressor

    So, a few years ago I tried .300 Blackout subsonic Noveske deer hunting ammo with a 9.5" barrel and Sig Titanium Suppressor. I made 2 lung shots on 2 different smaller does. I found very little blood and after 2 days of looking did not recover either deer. Both had only about 2-4 drops of blood...
  20. G

    New to Long Range looking for advice.

    Hi, I grew up around shotguns and bird hunting but never really got into it, But in more recent years have really have really enjoyed going to the range to shoot my 1911 and Ruger AR-15. I now am considering getting into long range rifles and am looking at advice. I am looking for a bolt action...