1. CavalierLeif

    .357 Hunting Bullet Recommendations

    Hi all - I'm working up some rounds for my Rossi R92 16" .357 and I'd like to roll some for hunting whitetail here on the East Coast. So far, I've been reloading SWCHP 158 gr Hornady Frontier Lead since I already have a stock of them, but I imagine these aren't ideal for hunting. Probably a 158...
  2. MDoutdoors

    Any traditional bow hunters out there?

    Just curious if anyone on here is hunting with traditional equipment, I know there aren't too many of us out here so I wanna here from some folks who are doin it! Feel free to share some pics, stories, and what kinda bow your shooting Here's a few I've harvested this season with an old 70#...
  3. G

    Fishing while hunting

    Anyone ever fished while hunting? I convinced my buddy that we should take some rods on an afternoon duck hunt a few years back and we actually brought home a speckled trout. I thought it was pretty cool and has the potential for an interesting mixed bag. I'm thinking about trying to set either...
  4. Big-bore-bob

    Seekins hit for a beginner

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying a seekins hit in 308 for target, hunting, and entry level long range training. I plan on topping it with a nightforce atacr 5-25x56 f1, or a vortex razor gen 3. Any experience with this rig? I don't want this thread to go to far down the rabbit hole so please stay...
  5. American_Fusilier

    Never been hunting, need help!

    So I didn't grow up with anybody to take me hunting. But I've decided that it would be a useful skill to know and would be a good thing to have in my belt for potential difficult times ahead. Plus it'd be nice to have the extra meat. I've never been hunting before, but I decided that I'm going...
  6. B

    What's the Difference in Glass

    Deciding on buying a scope for deer hunting this year and I have a lot of great options around $500. But my question is, what is the difference in glass? Most companies have glass made all over the world like Vortex and Burris in the Philippines, Riton and Trijicon made in Japan and China. So...
  7. G

    Lead Free Effectiveness

    Anyone hunt big game with lead free? I hunt with 12 gauge Winchester super x slugs and winchester.308 extreme points with good results. Been thinking about switching over to lead free recently. Options are 30-30, .308, and 12 gauge. Although I have rifles I still enjoy taking out my 12 gauge for...
  8. G

    30-30 Iron Sights

    I bought a used 30-30 a few years ago that already had a scope mounted. I've been thinking about taking off the scope and using the iron sights for deer as I already have a scoped 308. I mostly hunt thicker timber and the deer I took last year was at like 10-15 yards with a shotgun slug. Help me...
  9. courtgreene

    Tree stand lifespan

    Curious what y’all think. It just dawned on me that my climbing stand is 12 years old. I haven’t had any problems with it but am thinking of replacing it. In your opinion, what’s the lifespan for safe use?
  10. K

    Washing and storing a cooler used to store game meat

    Many of us use coolers to ice our meat or quartered game and we want to make sure they don't contain any harmful bacteria from all the game meat we store in them. My process is the following: 1. Rinse out immediately after using 2. Wash with soap 3. add bleach to water and coat all the...
  11. K

    2023 Hunting Goals

    What are your hunting goals for this year, if any? It will be fun to share here and then come back and see how we did at the end of the year.
  12. K

    Picking a new hunting round for my .308

    It’s about time for me to buy more hunting ammo so I decided to look at how some rounds might perform out of my rifle. I have a .308 with a 16in barrel so according to what I could find online, subtracting 250fps from the box velocity should be about the velocity out of my rifle. I would test...
  13. K

    Anyone have experience using Controlled Chaos hunting bullets

    These controlled chaos bullets by Lehigh Defense seem to be like a copper version of the Nosler Partition. They hit hard shedding weight explosively at the beginning and then a solid base penetrates deeply. Below is a gel test of the 145gr one in .308. There is also a 152 and a 175gr version...
  14. KansasTrapper77

    Monolithic Bullets. Your favorite manufacturer and why?

    As the name implies I’m not asking for a lead vs Monolithic debate. I am interested in your monolithic preferences. Monolithic bullets have piqued my interest (Thanks Hornady Podcast). I am interested in trying a monolithic in .243 Win. It has the speed necessary but could benefit from 99%...
  15. K

    Considering trading my AR-10 for a bolt gun (.308)

    I am considering trading my Savage MSR-10 .308 in for a nice used bolt action and wanted to see if anyone had advice here. The idea is if I had a medium priced bolt gun might have a more natural feel to it and shoot tighter groups, thus allowing me to take longer shots. My MSR-10 shoots about...
  16. K

    Favorite lever gun for hunting with iron sights?

    The next gun I plan to buy is a nice western-looking lever action with iron sights for hunting woods. Lots of good choices, my great grandpa used to hunt with a 30-30 lever action and the gun is still in our family. I hunt deer and wild hogs in Texas, and am thinking of a nice 30-30. Do you...
  17. courtgreene

    Cool trail camera pic

    I’ve got other pictures of him, but this one made me laugh so I figured I’d share.
  18. B

    What steel Normark hunting & skinning Axe

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knows what stainless steel was used for the discontinued Normark Hunting & Skinning Axe made in Sweden? I've had one for nearly 30 years I think. I've almost exclusively used it for processing small and large game, as an ulu and to cut through small...
  19. courtgreene

    Calling All Western Hunters: Advice Please!!

    So, I have come into a situation that many of us easterners dream of, being an invitation from a western hunter to join them. The target is black bears and the area is Colorado (unit 33?, again, easterner, not sure how units work exactly) near Wyoming. None of that matters, this is what does...
  20. K

    The Mossberg Shockwave is growing on me ...

    At first I was thinking I had bought a range toy and nothing else but this Shockwave has been growing on me. Positive #1: This little gun with the birdshead grip is pretty fun to shoot, and I have been having a fun time learning how to shoot it. I just learned I needed to be patient and...