1. H

    Lyman receiver sight siezed

    I recently purchased a Savage 1899 in 250-3000. The original ramp sight is missing, but the rifle has a Lyman 2A style sight attached. It shoots to point of aim at 100 yards with Remington factory ammunition, so that's good. However, there is rust in the threads where the elevation adjustment...
  2. gilgsn

    Colt Trooper MkIII with Lyman 358429 358439 length?

    Hello. I just ordered a Trooper MkIII and found a Lyman single cavity 358439 HP mold! The buller was meant to be used with 38 cases because of its length. I did read that some revolvers have long enough cylinders to allow the use of 357 cases. Is the MkIII one of them? Or will I have to use 38s...
  3. P

    Lyman Brass Smith Funnel adapters (3D printable) Version 10-18-2020

    Here are the 223Rem, 308Win, and 6.5CM 3D printable cartridge specific adapters for the Lyman brass smith funnel. This adapter will make the funnel sit up right much better than inserts that it came with. I printed these at 0.2mm thickness and 35mm/s print speed. You may have to play with the...
  4. Snidely70431

    Source for PDF of Lyman Reloading Manual #44

    While looking for loading data for cast bullets for 45-70 and Unique powder I came across an online PDF of Lyman Reloading Manual #44, which contains much more information than the newer versions. It can be found here:
  5. Sks39

    Lyman J and X type Difference?

    Can someone tell and show me the difference between the J and X type shell holders on a Lyman press? Ive looked on the net and cant seem to find anything. Thanks
  6. Sks39

    Lyman Spartan Press help

    Hello, I bought this Lyman press a few months ago and just got it set up. I can't get the shell plate off the press. My Lee single stage popped right out. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  7. L

    Great Plains Kit

    Hello, all I decided to build a percussion rifle kit, recently, and picked up Lyman's Great Plains. Everything looks pretty solid, but The wood to metal fit isn't particularly flush which is kind of a concern for me. If the inletting were a little too small, it'd be a simple matter of...
  8. H

    9mm C.O.L.

    I am getting ready to start working up a 9mm Luger load using HP-38 with some 115 grain bulk bullets that I bought some time ago. The bullets look like Hornady XTP bullets except that the transition from the body of the bullet to the ogive is not quite as abrupt as on the Hornady. The bullets...
  9. Load Master

    How to Use a Rifle Case Gauge to Speed Case Prep

    For all of the rifle cals I reload I use a case gauge to help with sorting cases as to what needs to be done before reloading. This photos shows results after sizing .308 Win cases.
  10. K

    Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol?

    I wonder if anyone here could give me some insight on the Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol in .50? I'm looking for a pistol for "competitive plinking." I was considering the Lyman, the Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol and the T/C Patriot. However I was shooting yesterday and talking...
  11. K

    Lyman Plains Pistol vs. Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol?

    Can anyone here offer some first-hand insight into a Pedersoli Percussion Kentucky Pistol versus a Lyman Plains Pistol? I'd like to find a percussion pistol chambered in .54 and these look like the two best candidates? Thanks.