10/22 trigger kit

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Jun 24, 2013
Pacific Northwest
I'm looking for a trigger kit to make the trigger pull on my 10/22 lighter..A friend told me that I might find a kit at Cabelas, any other places to search ?
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Go on line to Brownells or Midway to get the Volquartsen, Power Custom, or Clark trigger parts. Many years ago I used a Power Custom kit which came with trigger, sear, shims, hammer, etc and it worked out great.
I purchased a trigger for my 10-22 and it cut my group sizes in half... Maybe oneday I'll learn to do these modifications on my own...
Lighter is different from smoother. Save your ducats and just hone the edges. Stop to inspect the evenness and to test. I did my own years ago.
volquartsen hammer and spring kit. i also bought an aluminum trigger housing from tactical innovations that allows you to adjust the overtravel. now my trigger is 2lbs, no pretravel no overtravel. its just perfect for me. the hammer and spring kit was so cheap. i think it was under $30. best money you can spend on a 22 as far as im concerned. i think i got it at midway usa. ive always had good dealings with them
I recently had "Brimstone" work over my trigger (the cheap job)
and it is fantastic, set to 2.5 lb as requested. They also fix the
bolt release (or hold back) problem at the same time.
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