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1100 Classic Field

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by perrytrails, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. perrytrails

    perrytrails Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    Just purchased one of these in 20 ga. Gun is built on the Lightweight frame with a light contour barrel (I think its a light contour). After a complete strip, clean and lube, I ran a box thru it, and it fed them great. Handles nice with the 26 inch barrel also, very well balanced.

    They only real differences I can see from this classic field model and the older ones its orange spring cap in the mag tube, of course the J-lock safety, and what looks to be pot metal of some form for the trigger houseing. Also the bolt release button looks to be cheaper metal of some type, we'll just have to see how they hold up.

    Everything else is fitted very well, the timber is very nice for a field model, and the checkering is very clean cut. Some of the cuts I've seen over the years looked very jagged and not very attractive, and I won't mention the pressed checkering.:barf:

    Now all thats left is to round up some clays and burn some ammo. I had a Benelli Montifeltro in 20 ga, nice gun, very easy to clean after 500 or so, but the forarm cracked in no time at all. Recoil was noticeibly more, and I just didn't shoot it as well as the 1100's and 870's. I'm really happy remington started making them again in nice wood and blued, may even get the wife to shoot a little with this one.
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