1911 grips

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Mar 30, 2005
Fort Worth, Texas
I am looking for some options to look at for competition grips for my SA Loaded government model 1911 .45acp.
I have Pachmeyer signature grips on it now, and while they do give me a decent grip for everyday shooting I find I am not getting a consistant grip.
I shoot falling plates and bullseye, so any grips would need to work for single and 2 handed shooting.
I seems like there is a lot of space between my right palm and the right side of the grip, and I catch myself moving my trigger finger around looking for the right feel.

I have some Volquartsen volthane grips on my Ruger MkII and like them a lot. That might help with finding a grip size.


Get a cheap pair of wood grips from Brownell’s sand the checkering off and apply grip tape. Cheap, replaceable, and won’t slip.
The grips I am looking for are more of the bullseye competition grips, not the thin stock or combat grips.
The full bore bullseye grips are dedicated for single hand shooting and aren't useful to me for plate matches, but the stock profile are too thin for single hand.
I have considered building up my grips with tape, but would prefer to find some grips like the VQs on my MkII that I can use both single and 2 handed.

You need another 1911 just for Bullseye! Should finances allow, I recommend grips from Randall Fung; their specifically for Bullseye. Each are made to order based on an outline (or photocopy) of your hand. I love 'em and have two pair, one on my .45 and the other on my rimfire .22.

Not sure what to tell you about finding grips for steel (or any two handed shooting). It really comes down to personal choice but whichever ones you choose, they won't be proper Bullseye grips. Assuming your .45 has a checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing, you might consider smooth grips. Ideally, you're squeezing the frontstrap and mainspring, not the grips. I find smooth or slightly textured grips allow for a quicker grasping of the pistol in steel/IPSC matches. If you're using normal grips for bullseye, I really don't think their shape or texture makes that much of difference, just squeeze the front and rear of the frame. However, once you feel what custom grips like the Fungs feel like, you'll never go back.
eflatminor, my .45 is a SA Loaded. Right now I have Pachmeyer signture grips on it. They have a textured front strap.
I understand the grips that can be used for both are not perfect for either, but.... The VQ grips I have on my MkII have allowed me to shoot an 824 in Bullseye and have won high-over-all in plate matches for the past few months. I have shot a 797 in bullseye with the .45 and won the last plate match HOA, but I am not comfortable or satisfied with the way my .45 fits my hand.

I have the same problem, there is a gap between the right side of the grip and my palm. Hogue makes pebbled rubber grips with a palm swell on both sides, and it does a decent job of filling the space. Pearce makes a finger groove grip with panels that lay under the side grips. Combined with the palm swell grips it really fills my hand. I find if I grind a groove for my thumb in the rubber grip it is more comfortable. My problem now is that the Hogue wrap around grip that I prefer has grooves that are wider and a good fit for the front of my grip, but most of the thicker alternative grips have thin front sections and I find the front uncomfortable. Midway has all these grips in stock.
Chief, those look very very similar to the Pachmeyer Signature grips aside from the medallion.

Jlmurphy, I will check into the Hogue grips with a palm swell. Something else I might try is to find something that would fit under the right-side grip panel that would move that grip out a little. I have no idea if it will allow the grip to fit.
I guess I can apply tape to the outside of the grips if nothing else. Maybe I am too cheap and need to find a set of bullseye grips. I hate to change grips for each competition, but that might be easier than convincing my wife that I need another gun.

pepperbelly, Pachmayr makes a wrap around grip with a thumb shelf on both sides, it fills the top half of the hand, but not the bottom. The Hogue palm swell grips are better. I placed the Pearse wrap around grips with finger grooves beneath the Hogue grips, it moves them out approximately 1/16". the Pearse unit has no side grips, only flat panels. I tried all of the grips mentioned, and for me, the finger grooves helped me maintain a consistent grasp. The problem is that everyone has different hands and what is perfect for me isn't necessarily going to work for you. Luckily, all of these grips cost less than $20, I bought them all, tried them out and chose the best one for me. Good luck with your search.
I have Pearce finger grooves under Hogue rubber palm-swells (sorry, no pics). For me, they are much better than the stock 1911 grips, and my shooting is showing it. Check both out.
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