1911 Trigger Question

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Mar 17, 2006
West Monroe, Louisiana
I was slowly stoning the engagement ledge on the hammer of my 1911 to reduce the significant creep it had. I also had a #253 Nowlin spring reduce the weight of the trigger pull.

I worked slowly, stoning, cleaning the parts and reassembling as I worked. Once I obtained satisfactory trigger action, a problem surfaced. When pulling the trigger the hammer now falls to the half-cock notch. I believe this is because the sear is having to accomplish less travel to escape the hammer, but the sear is now in the path of the half-cock notch, hence the hammer stops on the half-cock.

If this is correct, the only way I can see to overcome this is to stone the outer ledge of the half-cock notch. But at this point, I will not proceed any further unless I have a clear understanding of what's going on. I have a spare hammer, so I can return the pistol to proper function.

An suggestions?
I also had a #253 Nowlin spring reduce the weight of the trigger pull.

Not familiar with all the stock numbers for various vendors. Is that a mainspring or a sear spring?

Catching on the half-cock after pulling the trigger suggests that the disconnect is falling out of its position between the trigger and the sear...which indicates a mis-adjustment of the center leg of the sear spring, or the leg is bearing too high on the disconnect.
1911 Tuner,

Thank you. The Nowlin item is a sear spring. I have not made any aterations to it. You're input is greatly appreciated. I'll check this out.

I want to work carefully and safely.
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