1972 S&W - Too Nice To Shoot?

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Back to what I was saying cuz. Combat is combat and....well you get the idea.:D

That piece has a full blown target barrel, action, sights, etc. It was crying out for full blown target grips.

P.S. The wise know when "perfection" is reached and stop there. Every man decides where that is for him. I see the trigger shoe. This is where I would stop. Some go further. Now a '60s vintage Pachmayr box, a target 1911 and .22 to keep it company? Meat and potatoes to me.
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Frankly, while it's a fine revolver at this time it's too common to attract serious collectors. In this particular case there isn't a good reason not to shoot it if you want to. Whatever increase in value that comes in the foreseeable future will come from other shooters.
Many a year has passe since I've seen a set of target grips like those! Yours appears to be an earlier model than mine . Much "richer" bluing on your compared to that is found on the Puma era frames. Even with the mid 70's bluing she still shoots beautiful groups.
thank you, gentlemen

Yesterday it shot handloads at 50yds like a dreamboat.

Even shoots better with the vintage target stocks

Can't wait until the next silhouette match.

Piggies and rams prepare to meet your maker. ;)
Very nice. It's a beauty. And I agree with other posters. Shoot it. Take care of it, but enjoy it as well.
One says poh-tay-toh another says poh-tah-toh.......both are spuds.....but don't taste until you eat 'em.

I say, shoot the wheel-gun, shoot it often, shoot it with friends, shoot it with your kids, shoot it with your grand kids, pass it on to your kids/grand kids/great-grandkids and tell them to shoot it......

They will NEVER wear it out........

(You lucky guy!)
As I've said before, having a gun like that and not shooting it is like being married to Miss America and having seperate bedrooms.

I shoot my Python, my Model-17, my Model-29, and my Model-19.
I will never understand those that buy guns in boxes and never take those out to shoot. I see those for sale second-hand all the time. Why buy gun one is never going to use?
I see those for sale second-hand all the time. Why buy gun one is never going to use?

Because some people understand how to make money doing exactly that. They don't necessarily hold what they buy for a lifetime either. With the right gun (which of course doesn't happen very often) I have doubled my money in a few weeks and gone on to buy something even better. :what:

Everybody has a right to do whatever they want with the guns they buy, and obviously most go out and shoot them. That said, there is no law against making money if you can.

Always remember: More money = more or better guns.
I am 100% shooter, 0% collector.

A shooting buddy purchased a NIB Colt 1991A1 .45, would bring it to the range, and would not shoot it. Keeping it at home and looking at it is one thing, but taking it to the range and doing that? Come on.

After I walked up and down the line during a cease fire telling the story, and 6 people coming up and cheering him on, he shot it. Now he shoots it every time he goes to the range and absolutely loves it.

There is no such thing as a gun too nice to shoot.

Just my .02,
that is soooo sad for you

but great for the guy on the other side of the trade!!!

wasn't a trade, but I am crying all the way to the bank ;)
as long as you are happy

I would have been much happier on the receiving end of that deal.

Like u traded a Python for a brace of glocks.

But hey...you feel like you won...so I am happy for you.
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