New to me S&W K22 Combat Masterpiece.


Nov 30, 2009
Michigan (Gods country)
Lately I've kinda been trying to find matching sets of S&W revolvers.
I've got my K38 Target Masterpiece, and a matching 15-3.
Then I found a 17-2, and now I scored a K22 Combat Masterpiece! (1953 vintage)
And in a strange twist of fate, while waiting for 3 weeks for an answer on an offer for the K22 from a consigner, I put in what I thought was a fairly low offer on a Model 18 no dash on GB.
Well, I won that too. So, now I have 2 K22 Combat Masterpieces.
Here are some pics of the K22.
A bit of wear at the muzzle, and a couple of freckles here and there, but still in dang nice shape for 70 years old. Needs a good cleaning. I can feel the gum in the action.
Grips are numbered to the gun.
20230722_182545.jpg 20230722_182600.jpg
Congrats on owning an heirloom. Your family will be proud for years! A K22 and a 1911 were what I was weaned on. Not much finer!

I was able to pick this one up a few years ago.


As far as I can tell, this one shipped about 1953.

But notice yours has what was called the Speed Hammer, and early version of the short throw hammer.

Mine has the more conventional short throw hammer, a slightly later design than yours.