2400 in Colt .357 revolvers

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Jun 17, 2005
hi , hopefully someone here can assist my , I have started reloading 358429. Lyman/ Keith swc bullet for my 3 colt .357 [ pre trooper style revolvers ] , I would to generate approx 1100 fps , but I am afraid of using too much 2400 powder. general published load on this bullet use the n frame S&W and not the slightly small E/I frame Colt , any ideas ??
please post, robbt
1,100 FPS with that bullet is a mid-level .357 load.
Probably somewhere around 12.0 grains.

I wouldn't worry about it.

robbt, if I'm not mistaken, the pre-trooper 357 "I" frame is the same frame the Colt Python used back then. That is why is was dubbed the "poor mans' Python"

ColtPythonElite or dfariswheel can answer this better.

But I think the "I" frame is stout enough.
Using 12.5 grains of 2400 with a 160grain swc I get 1100fps quite easily. A good all around load.
If it says Colt & .357 Magnum on it, it is stout enough.

Back when those were made, .357 factory loads were really Magnum.

The Lyman Cast Bullet handbook 4th edition page 259 has data for the #358429 in 357 magnum cases.

Lyman specifies an overall length of 1.553”
Start load of 2400 is 9.7 gr.
Max Load is 13.5 grains.

They list a velocity of 1242 fps and a pressure of 41,100 CUP for the max load.

Your mileage may vary. Start low and work up carefully watching pressure signs.
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