25-20 Projectile Options-HELP!

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Alex G

Dec 30, 2020
Hello all!

Helping a friend load for his older 25-20 WCF break-action rifle, and am having a hard time finding projectiles. I have come across numerous cast options, and have no problem shooting cast myself, however he would prefer to stick to true jacketed projectiles, which I am unable to find.

typical projectiles are in the 85-86 grain weight, and either 257 or 258 diameter.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
The 87gr Speer isn’t suitable for the .25-20. Too pointed making it unsuitable for tubular magazines. Also no provision for crimping to prevent bullet push back and collapsing in the magazine.
I’ve got several boxes I’ve picked up over the years. Haven’t gotten around to loading them in my .257Roberts.
However, they may work ok in the break action. Don’t expect expansion at .25-20 velocities.

The best bullet I’ve used suitable for the .25-20 is the NOE 89gr FN GC.
It shoots splendidly from my Marlin .25-26. I cast them from wheel weights with range scrap and load them over 12.5gr of #2400. It duplicates the early 1900’s game load for the .25-36.
As you've seen, choices are limited and the odds of finding any even worse. Missouri Bullet has some coated ones. I've used and liked
their 32-20s
The 60 gr Hornady is meant for the 25-20. I picked some up to replicate some old 250-3000 loads from the 1920s. Lots of velocity, garbage b.c., but the value of reproducing my great grandfather’s load work up is worth it. Though it’s still on the to-do list.

Back then, there were a lot of 85-87 gr cast bullets used too.

Speer also makes a 75gr flat point that is meant to work too.

The plus with Speer and Hornady jacketed bullets is clear and reliable load data to start with.
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