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3 Day Practical Fundamentals Class, TN with Bruce Gray and Angie Kelly April 28-30

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by 45R, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. 45R

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    Dec 25, 2002
    No Place Like Home
    Grayguns Inc. will be teaching a special course in TN from April 28-31. The class will be taught by TWO Factory Sigarms shooters: Bruce Gray and Special Guest Angie Kelly. This will be a chance to train with two factory shooters.

    The Practical Fundamentals class will focus on movement drills, advanced technique, mastering proper tactics while shooting a course of fire, multiple targets and pre-stage preparation.

    Taught by Grand Master IPSC competitor and world-class gunsmith, Bruce Gray, the Practical Fundamentals Course gives students the core techniques and training to maximize their marksmanship and expand their potential in competition shooting.

    There will be 2 parts to the class.

    Friday will consist of the skill builder day. This will give you some prep-time with Bruce to learn how to properly draw from the holster, SAFETY and how to prep the trigger for those itty, bitty groups.

    Saturday and Sunday day class what will include the following course content

    • Range commands and safety instruction
    • Equipment check and setup, pistol fit and maintenance for competition
    • Constructing the draw and presentation from your grip and stance
    • Reloading techniques and malfunction clearance drills
    • GrayGuns Dry Fire Program: trigger reset, prep and release and sight alignment drills
    • Precision shooting made simple: seeing everything to hit everything
    • Speed shooting: seeing fast and developing index skills for multiple targets
    • Practical training drills and visualization exercises: your personalized program for success on the range

    Dates :
    April 28-30 for the Practical Fundamentals Course

    All Three days $500
    (Deposit of 50% required at the time of registration)

    Location: Oakridge, TN ORSA

    Time: 10am-Sundown


    The requirements of this course will be:
    1. Service Pistol 9mm preferred
    2. 1 KYDEX holster, no radical cants NO EXCEPTIONS Bruce does not allow nylon, leather, shoulder or leg holsters. (This is done for uniformity)
    3. 6-800 rounds of factory ammo
    4. Eye and hearing protection. Electronic hearing is recommended but not mandatory.
    5. Cleaning & maintenance supplies
    6. Please bring plenty of water

    For more class information and to reserve a class slot please email me at Forty5r@yahoo.com with TN Class in title. We need a minimum of 10 students to run this class.

    Thank you for all of your support!
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