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3 Day Practical Fundamentals Course with IPSC Grandmaster Bruce Gray April 21-23 KY

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by 45R, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. 45R

    45R Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    No Place Like Home
    For those if you who do not know Bruce Gray, he is a Grand Master USPSA champion, USA Olympic and SIG Arms shooting team member who specializes in pistol training, pistolsmithing. He was also the kind host to our Sacramento THR Turkey Shoot who with Paul Erhardt has been kinda enough to send the people of CA, samples of SigArms latest and greatest goodies. Several of our own USN members have been lucky enough to have attended one or more of his CA classes.

    Grayguns Inc. will be kicking off the Remote Class season opener in KY from April 21-23. Before we start I would like to thank jljones for hosting this class at EliteFirearms in Paducah. This is a great oppurtunity for those who want to improve on their marksmanship.

    The Practical Fundamentals class will focus on movement drills, advanced technique, mastering proper tactics while shooting a course of fire, multiple targets and pre-stage preparation.

    This course gives students the core techniques and training to maximize their marksmanship and expand their potential in competition shooting.

    There will be 2 parts to the class.

    Friday will consist of the skill builder day. This will give you some pre-time with Bruce to learn how to properly draw from the holster, SAFETY and learning how to prep the trigger.

    Saturday and Sunday day class what will include the following course content

    • Range commands and safety instruction
    • Equipment check and setup, pistol fit and maintenance for competition
    • Constructing the draw and presentation from your grip and stance
    • Reloading techniques and malfunction clearance drills
    • GrayGuns Dry Fire Program: trigger reset, prep and release and sight alignment drills
    • Precision shooting made simple: seeing everything to hit everything
    • Speed shooting: seeing fast and developing index skills for multiple targets
    • Practical training drills and visualization exercises: your personalized program for success on the range

    Dates :
    April 21st for Skill builder class
    April 22-23 for the Practical Fundamentals Course

    Skill builder Class only: $150
    2 Day Practical Fundamentals Class $400
    All Three days $500
    (Deposit of 50% required at the time of registration)

    Location: Paducah. Range is being hosted by EliteFirearms. (http://www.eliteguns.com/index3.html)
    7600 Old U.S. Hwy. 45 Boaz, KY. 42027

    Time: 8am-5pm

    Lunch: Saturday Lunch Hosted by jljones BBQ


    The requirements of this course will be:
    1. Service Pistol 9mm preferred
    2. 1 KYDEX holster, no radical cants NO EXCEPTIONS Bruce does not allow nylon, leather, shoulder or leg holsters. (This is done for uniformity)
    3. 6-700 rounds of factory ammo
    4. Wraparound Eye and hearing protection. Electronic hearing is recommended but not mandatory.
    5. Cleaning & maintenance supplies
    6. Please bring plenty of water

    For more class information and to reserve a class slot please email me at Forty5r@yahoo.com with KY Class in title. In order to run this class we need a minimum of 12 students.

    Thank you for all of your support!
  2. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    Dec 27, 2002
    northern california
    if you are interested in becoming a more proficient shooter one of the best things you can spend your money on is proper instruction. learn to do things the right way the first time and you won't have to spend time later un-learning your bad habits.

    i've carried a gun for a living for years and spent serveral years competing with everything from small bore rifle (ROTC) to PPC (back when we shot wheelguns). i've taken tactical shooting classes including one from ernest langdon before he stopped teaching.

    having see that, i will say that bruce gray taught me more techniques that i was able to use in improving my shooting during that first day then i would have believed possible. he is a consummate shooter, a great teacher/story teller and a true gentlman.

    i would recommend his classes without reservation, even if you never intent to compete in handgun shooting sports, you will leave his class with skills and confidence you would otherwise find hard to duplicate...and youy don't even have to come out to the golden state
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