$300 NRA life membership is back

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Posted by Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow:
If they're gonna give away a life membership for less than half what I paid for mine several years ago ($750), then what they should do also is, add as a "retroactive bonus" to membership to all of us who paid the full price, a distinction and status of not having to receive any more dunning letters for more money for the rest of our memberships.
You ca already do that by calling and "Opting out" of future solicitation.

I did, and I haven't seen a piece of mail from the NRA in two yeas.
It turns out I can't go back and edit my old post after a few days or so. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back home from visiting family for the holidays and am able to more quickly respond to PMs as well as check my PO Box (usually daily).

I have 5-7 spots reserved, and currently 1 check received. There's still some time left with my offer. The NRA gave me a January 31 deadline. My goal is to get everything in the mail January 15-16.

If anyone's interested in a $300 Life Membership, PM me with:

  • Full Name (First, Middle Initial if available, Last)
  • Full mailing address
  • Telephone number (Optional)
  • E-mail address (Optional)
  • Magazine choice: American Hunter, American Rifleman, America's 1st Freedom
  • Your current NRA Member Number (if you're already a member so they can match up your records)

Once I receive that information I'll PM you an address where you can send a check or money order for $300 made out to "NRA". I'll then send you another PM when it's been mailed.

I know money is tight this year, so it's not the end of the world. It's likely they will do something like this in the future, but it might be another year before it rolls around.

Edit: Just for the record, none of us (tuckerdog1, Bailey Guns, CoRoMo, or myself) get any commission, bonuses, prizes, rewards, ammunition, or cookies for doing this. We're not official NRA Recruiters through this offer.
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If any of you guys have any slots available I'd be interested also. Can one of you PM me? I can get a check out Monday.


PM sent.

To everyone else: I still have about 10 spots left and plenty of time if you're interested.
I have three spots left after a few backed out. But I'm calling it when I receive all of the checks from this last batch of members that I emailed. Maybe one or two days left and I'm done.
Just to confirm for those that went through me for this, everything was mailed today. Had a couple that never did send their stuff, but still wound up with 18 new Life Members...Congratulations to you folks.

A few have had some FAQs. And rather than answer 18 times ( which I just don't have the time to do this month ), I'll try and cover them here.

How long will it take before I get my stuff from the NRA? I wish I knew. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to their process. I always mail these as a single packet. So the NRA gets them all at the same time. But in the past, some report getting their membership material in as little as two weeks, and others from the same mailing don't get it for almost three months. But in the end, everybody eventually gets their stuff. I would appreciate it if, when anybody from my group gets their membership material, you post a notice here. That'll kinda serve notice to everybody that the NRA wheels are turning.

Will I get goodies ( a jacket, hat, whatever )? There is no mention in the application of any promo stuff. Nobody in the past has ever reported getting anything special. When I became a Life Member approx 20 yrs ago, I paid full price ( lower than full price today, but more than this $300 ), and all I got was a hat and some window decals. At this price, I doubt there will be much, if anything ( I hope ya get at least a hat though ).

Will I be able to sign up Life Members for $300 once I get my membership? That will depend if you get this flyer. Seems not every life member gets them. Although I'll keep putting this offer up here whenever I get it. If you see it here, and you didn't get the offer, you 'might' be able to have the NRA send you one. There is a dedicated line for Life Members, and I've never had to wait long to get a human on the line.

Anyway, congrats again to all the new Life Members ( as well as those working with CoRoMo, Bailey Guns & Yosemite Sam ).

CoRoMo said:
I have three spots left after a few backed out. But I'm calling it when I receive all of the checks from this last batch of members that I emailed. Maybe one or two days left and I'm done.

My check went out today.
I've replied to everyone that's sent me a check or money order. The last of my applications went out on Jan 5 except for one which I received yesterday.

Thanks to all who were able to take advantage of this offer. I sent in 20 new applications mostly from THR and a few from websites local to my area. No telling how many people nationwide responded to this offer but I'm betting it was quite a few.

To the new members, stay in touch and let the rest of us know when you're "official" with a quick post here.
I think I was one of the early ones in with Bailey at around December 20th and today (Jan 9th) I received my letter from the NRA.

It was just a basic form letter, almost certificate like, saying I've received a gift membership from Bailey. No mention of membership level and when I log into the NRA it still shows me as Annual expiring at the end of the month but the NRA is notoriously slow at updating anything.

Anyone else get a letter yet? If not look for one about two to three weeks after your paperwork went in.

Thanks to Bailey and everyone that helped out!
Thanks to you guys for taking the time and effort to help us out!!!!
It was just a basic form letter, almost certificate like, saying I've received a gift membership from Bailey

Creek Rat,

This happened to some of the folks, but not all, the last time around. I called the NRA about the 'gift membership' thing ( after all, these were not gifts ). Could not get a 'good' answer why some were going out that way, and others not. But in the end, it really made no difference.

Glad to hear some movement is happening.

Joshua, send me a PM and I'll get you in. You'll need to be quick with the payment because we are now at the deadline week.

Send me:

* Full Name
* Full mailing address
* Telephone number
* Email address
* Magazine choice: American Hunter, American rifleman, America's 1st Freedom

I'll then email you an address where you can send a check for $300 made out to "NRA".

Of those who've sent payment and are waiting to see the check clear, please have patients. The process takes time. Especially as we wait for those last few checks to arrive so that we can send it all off to the NRA.
I've filled my pot! No more spots.

Twenty potential new lifers on the list. I've received most of the payments already. Now I just wait for those last few checks to arrive so I can send this all off together. If I don't receive your check over the next few days, it will likely cost you the opportunity. If I receive the check after I've sent off the packet, I'll have to return it to you.

Congrats on all who were able to take up the offer, and as always, thanks to tuckerdog1 for thinking all of this up and having the character to do his part to help defend our RKBA.

I have two spots left. Possibly more if people back out. But definitely two. Reply ASAP with the information in Post #102.
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Man, seems I am going to be late to my own funeral...I always miss out on stuff lime this. If there are spots I would love in and can paypal via checking g so no fees.
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