.300AAC & 6.8SPC...how come?

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Stick with 5.56 and be happy.
Ok...but if you had FIVE 5.56 AR15's, one 6.8SPC, one .300AAC BO and One 7.62x51/.308
...already, and now wanted to build a more customized AR ( or use a company that does that or gives you the options to do it, say like JP Enterprise does...)
...what caliber would you choose...another what?
Or, something different from the above?
6.5 Grendel ?
Another 5.56, .300AAC BO, 6.8SPC...or .308?

The 7.62x51 /.308, has a pretty good balance between factory ammo cost & versatility...
and power, ranging form "Reduced Recoil" loads to Hunting and competition loads.
However, weight & cost to build, is much more.
Asking what should be built by cool factor and brand name, in other words.

Build your own, and build it in a new cartridge so you can be ahead of the status game, which sounds like the real goal.

How about a 12.5 Noveske AR pistol with SB15 brace in .375 Reaper? Use the Gibbz side charger upper, too, with whatever Hole of the Month extended free float will cover a suppressor. Add a Marine issue laser dazzler for countermeasures, and call it good.

There's your and Tirod's answer. :neener:
THUMPER 450 bushy, 458 Socom or Beowulf
Well, yes. I thought about those...nice to have, but I have multiple rifles in .30 Cal. so when I get into loading, may be leaning to that .300 AAC BO and do a semi custom build.
The guys at JP Rifles, say they use an adjustable gas block on ALL their rifles and for the .300 AAC it is pistol length positioned for that gas block , so it will cycle even unsuppressed with subsonic rounds.
Leaning towards that now...and they make great Rifles that you can semi-custom build right on their site !
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