.308 Magazine Pouches

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Dec 24, 2002
Utah, inside the Terraformed Zone
Does anybody make a magazine pouch that will hold one (1) 20-round .308 magazine (FAL, M14, G3, SR-25), that's suitable for use on a duty belt? Tactical Tailor makes one that uses a bungee to hold the mag in place, but these use MALICE clips and will slide around on a belt (I had two in Qatar). Besides, I'd prefer something that closed with a velcro flap.

Anybody? I can't seem to find one.
I was about to post this for you in the other thread for a two mag 7.62 pouch that closed with velcro:

ASR0019: SR-25 Double. The Mag Pouch SR-25 Double is designed to carry 2 ea. SR-25 Mags. This Mag Pouch pocket will also fit 3 ea. 30 rd. M-4 Mags. Internal spacer, hook and pile flap closure with pull tab and heavy duty 2" elastic encircling the pocket helps maintain a snug fit. This Mag Pouch attaches to belt or vest with strap attachment system.

Weight: 0.25
Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 1/4

But it has Paraclete's version of PALS webbing so attaching it to a standard duty belt would be problematic.

There was a single magazine pouch for the M14 years ago. You can sometimes find them in surplus stores.

The other option would be to replace the Malice clips on the Tactical Taylor pouch with the old ALICE clips. It should go on your duty belt then. If you need a couple ALICE clips, let me know.



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Well, the HSGI pouch, like most of their stuff, has both the fastex buckle and velcro with a cover. You can use either or both.

Unfortunately it is sized to hold 3 AR, 2 AK, or 2 .308. Or one M-18 smoke grenade.:)

About as low profile as an ALICE magazine pouch.

You might have more luck looking under 3-gun accessories for something like that.
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