Midway 4 cell AR/AK mag pouch

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Dec 23, 2002
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I picked one of these up on sale a few weeks back and have just got around to having a good look it it.

This is made of the same coated nylon of their pistol mag bags and range bags and looks durable and abrasion resistant. Seams are double stitched and all Velcro (hook and loop) was applied with no bubbles or folds.

There's a 'Made in China' tag next to the Midway tag on the front side. The back side has loops for Alice or Molle style attachement to a belt or harness. The shoulder strap attaches via a pair of heavy plastic eye hooks clipping to nylon loops in the pouch rather than D-rings.

The strap is narrow but not uncomforatble with 4 loaded 30 round magazines. The strap at its longest adjustment just reaches my hip. For the pics I adjusted it to where I'm most likely to carry it. I'm 5-11 and 175. Larger guys, you'll probably find this riding up closer to your armpit. Ergonomically it's a good fit for me. With a couple Alice clips it can be secured 'Sam Browne' style to a belt.

Still as a grab and go bag it's a lot faster than pulling on a vest and the magazines are within easy reach of my left hand for reloads.

The first flap has additional velcro on the outside so you can mount name tags or zombie patches or whatever.

The flaps cover 2 magazines at a time and since there is velcro on the inside of the back wall, the flaps an be secured so the magazines ride 'openly' say, for competion carry. AK mags fit a lot more snugly than AR mags. The tab that catches the mag release is the culprit. I had to wiggle to get them in sometimes, removing them was easy. 20 round AR mags slip too far down inside. This is not a carrier for you if you like your 20's.

I might try this out at our next tactical match instead of my usual magazine vest. I suspect any exposed Velcro will come up full of dirt and foxglove and tumbleweed, but the straps look plenty sound for 'once a month' running around in the high desert.

Bottom line, I think a pretty good inexpensive mag carrier that doesn't rely on being attached to your 'duty' or other belt.


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If you can get it on sale (normal price is about $17) I'd recommend picking one up to try out.

It will make a great addition to your load out/go bag or beginning competition shooter on a budget.


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Nice review. I have been eyeing these in the last few flyers I got. Will have to add one to my next order.
Dr. Rob,
That looks very nice, and the price is certainly right. Thanks for posting the link.
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