.32 H&R Magnum... To buy or not to buy...

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Feb 28, 2006
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LGS has a .32 H&R Magnum in a Ruger SP101 revolver. It is a nice looking gun. I am thinking about trading my Walther PPS in .40 S&W. The 40 caliber round is snappy enough that it is just not fun to shoot at the range.

What do you experienced revolver shooters think about the long term availability of the 32 H&R magnum round?

Defensively I have no problem using it. I also have great confidence in the Ruger SP101.

Comments appreciated.
The .32 H&R has been around for almost 30 years now. I would not worry about its availability drying up. I like the .32's and still want to get my hands on a .327 federal (not as easy when you live in CA and if not on the approved list is rare as hens teeth). Not sure about the value of the .32 or your .40 so I don't know if it is a good trade, but don't let a fear of the caliber being discontinued keep you away from the gun.
A great round. Load with a quiet Load for great easy shooting.

Load in a heavy cast for hunting.
Put a call into Pinnacle to see if they can also cut it for moonclips that'll fire .32 ACP. If so, it'd be a great little package in my opinion.
I have several 32 caliber revolvers and they are a real pleasure to shoot. I reload mine but would not worry about the 32 Magnum not being produced in the future. Federal, Georgia arms, and Buffalo Bore reload this cartridge and perhaps others as well. I hunt small game with my 32 caliber guns and on the target range, here at my farm it is easy to beat the other calibers in accuracy. The 32 magnum also makes an adequate defense round as well. The Ruger is a real dandy, go for it.
Just got one ,terrific little revolver mine is a S&W J frame.shooting ..32 S&W with it ..very soft.
Put a call into Pinnacle to see if they can also cut it for moonclips that'll fire .32 ACP. If so, it'd be a great little package in my opinion.
.32acp is a semi rimmed cartridge, and has worked in every .32 h&r and .327 fed I have ever put it in with no need for moon clips.
Ruger SP101 in 32 H&R will fire the 32 S&W and 32 S&W long, so you have 3 cartridges to shoot.

It's easy as pie to reload, though I had a bit of trouble and wait to get the Hornady bullets for it in the XTP config. I bought a box of 500 Hornady swaged lead semi wad cutters.

I built all these rounds up from new components for my friend out in Tucson.

He reported excellent results with them. He fired them out of a Charter Arms 32 H&R and I loaded both the magnum and the S&W Long for him.

I like the Ruger better just because it's a Ruger. Here is a little blurb on your choice:

I think it's a great round for target work. Don't know about SD use. I recently got a NIB Ruger Single-Six in 32 mag and it is a joy to shoot. No problem finding ammo in magnum or 32 long beyond the usual ammo supply problems these days and easier to find than 38 special or 9mm.

As a reloader and casting my own wheel weight bullets, I suspect 32s could be as cheap or cheaper to shoot than 22lr at the moment. Wish I had started with 32s decades ago.

Thanks to all for your cogent advice. Picked up a Ruger SP101 in 32 H&R Magnum. Found ammo at all 3 stores I visited. The fourth, Gander MT. ONLY had .45 auto. (scary) Ammo supplies are being hit hard.

Tried the gun out. The S&W .32 long was a joy to shoot. The .32 H&R Magnum the same. A friendly caliber to say the least. It will be a nice step up for my wife after she shoots her .22 a while. My LGS has some aggressive HP in .32 magnum. They are saving me several boxes for my next round of purchases.

It will be a nice hiking, camping, small game, and companion gun. Yes, I will occasionally use it for CC.

Thanks all for your input. You were instrumental in helping me to decide.
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