32 H&R with DEWC & H110?

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Ray P

Jun 2, 2004
Thoughts on this load?

There is nothing in Hodgdon's on-line or annual for using H110 in 32H&R. Same with my Lyman 47th Ed. reloading manual. My one-caliber one-book for .32 H&R did cite an H110 load for Speer 100gr JHPs, and www.handloads.com (under .32 H& R Magnum) also mentioned a couple of users with a similar load; 11.0gr max.

Should point out, the bullets are Berry's plated 83gr DEWCs; Berry recommends using mid-range data appropriate for a similar-shaped jacketed bullet. Hodgden's annual, specifically mentioning Berry's bullets, recommends using lead bullet data.
Alliant says 7.7 MAX with a Speer 100 grain JHP.
Speer makes plated bullets, although heavier plated then Berry's.

In general though, at .32 H&R Mag (21,000 CUP) pressure levels, you would be better served with Unique or similiar medium burn rate powders, rather then reducing 2400 that low.

I can't see H-110 burning well at .32 Mag pressures. I have shot that bullet in .32 Mag cases, but I am using a fast powder and am not trying for high velocity. They shoot well. The HBWC seems to shoot a hair better than the DEWC by a little bit.
Got to admit, I can't trace where I came up with the H110 data. And that makes me very reluctant to use that again in this case.

If I go by an equivalent weight jacketed bullet (per Berry's recommendation), I have three powders at hand to try. Think I'll ratchet back to 231 or WSF.

These are very close on the burn chart to Unique & Bullseye.
I have used H110 in the 32 Mag, but not with the Berry's DEWC.

Speer #14 shows data for the Speer 100 grain JHP as 9.5-10.5 grains of H110 with an OAL of 1.345"
I have also read articles in Handloader where they pushed this up to 11 grains with the similar 100 grn XTP hollowpoint. My loads using the 100 grn XTP were 10 grns of H110 with an OAL of 1.345" that worked well.

Using H110 with the DEWC would be a recipe for disaster in my opinion. I have shot a lot of the Berry's 83 grain DEWC in both 32 S&W Long and 32 Mag... my loads were using 2.1 grains of Titegroup under that bullet seated to an OAL of 1.100". The bullet is loaded nearly flush with the rim of the case and sets deep in the brass. Using 9 grains or more of H110 would cause a severe pressure spike with the DEWC seated that deeply. Using less could result in pressure dangers associated with using too little H110 that everyone should know by now. I would avoid H110 with the DEWC design for that reason and use the DEWC for what it is intended for... a moderate velocity plinking load. Lots of powders better suited for that than H110 in my opinion.
I have worked up good loads for the 32 S&W Long with H110 and jacketed bullets.
Lots of recoil and the case don't stick.

Isn't the DEWC a double ended wad cutter extruded from soft lead, made to be loaded with a tiny powder charge and seated way down inside the case?
Isn't the DEWC a double ended wad cutter extruded from soft lead, made to be loaded with a tiny powder charge and seated way down inside the case?
Yep. Best to stick with what it is designed for. Pick a nice jacketed bullet for heavy loads of a slow powder.
So agreed the DEWC & H110 aren't a good combo.

Interesting though that Berry's said to load these to mid-range data for an equivalent jacketed round. What is an equivalent jacketed round to an 83gr DEWC? an 85gr JHP? Using Titegroup as mentioned above for comparison...

Loads for the 85gr JHP gives 3.0-3.7gr Titegroup.

Hodgdon says to use existing lead data for the same weight plated bullet for Berrys. (Pg 70 of the 2011 annual)

Loads for the 77gr LFN come closest, and that gives 2.0-3.0gr Titegroup.
That bullet doesn't seat deep in the case like the WC does. I am shooting the Berrys 83 Gr WC's with 1.7 to 2.0 Grs of fast powder (WST, N310, AA #2, Competition) in .32 Long, and I am using about 1 grain more in Mag cases. It gets around 750 to 850 FPS depending on the seating depth, charge weight, and type powder.

While these loads appear safe in m y guns, use at your own risk.
Titegroup is adjacent to AA #2 on Reloadbench.com's burn rate table. So your magnum case charge is pretty much in accord with where the Titgroup data intersect for the LWC and JHP.
Don't put too much stock in where a powder is on a burn chart. Powders behave differently in different applications. Burn charts are just a loose guide to help pick a powder which may work for you intended application. Not being a Titegroup fan, I have not shot much of it and can not comment on a proper charge for it here. As always, start low and work up. Titegroup should work fine. :)
What is an equivalent jacketed round to an 83gr DEWC? an 85gr JHP?

The 85gr JHP is not equivalent to the WC. They weigh almost the same, but the seating depth of both bullets is dramatically different. You are much better off comparing other WC information, even if it's heavier. The 98gr LHBWC info from Hodgdon would provide a better starting load than anything else on their page. Use the start load and work up from there.

I started from information for the 32 S&W Long when developing a load using the 83gr DEWC from Berry's thinking the extra margin for error would be greater since I was using a somewhat lighter bullet , as well as a stronger design on both the gun & brass. I adjusted the overall length and worked up a nice plinking load that suits my purpose... an inexpensive load that is easy to shoot and groups well with little recoil.

There is also some info here from Alliant on a 90 LWC...
Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the extra info. Next time I'll have a load plan in hand BEFORE I order 250 pcs of plated bullets for which a documented load doesn't seem to exist.

Berry's .312 71gr PRN on the other hand, has been a joy with titegroup and 231. May as well stick to the stuff I know works well in my applications. I think I'll let those DEWCs sit in the bottom of my bullet box until the next time I get a table at the local gun show.
Hmm. Think I found where I went wrong on my original load info from handloads.com. I had based my DEWC load on .32 H&R Mag data for a 100 gr LSWC over titegroup.

My thought was the LSWC would be similar to a DEWC in loading data. But SWCs don't sit as deep as a true WC. Got it.
Just a quick follow-up: ran 1.8 to 2.2 gr titegroup under DEWCs. Best results for the Ruger was mid-range. Very nice load. Time to make more.

Thanks again!
Very fun round. Low recoil and accurate.

I can't hit anything with a handgun, and so I play around with how much power I can get from a handgun.
With 32 S&W Long [should be good for 32 H&R mag or 327 Federal] I have experimented with several bullets and powders, not using a load book, but living by my wits.
I have resolved that the most power is with 85 gr Hornady 32 CAL .312 85 GR HP XTP®
SKU: 32050

The optimum powders were LIL'GUN and 800X.

Walkalong's picture looks like some 38 Special target loads with DEWC swaged bullet seated deep and a tiny charge of powder.

My brother is an extremely good shot with a handgun, and when he shoots those type of loads the groups get even smaller.

I have never understood how a longer jump to the lands makes them more accurate.
I have never understood how a longer jump to the lands makes them more accurate.
It is the long bearing surface of the bullet, along with the length to diameter ratio when spinning in the air.

I load .32 Mag brass the same way, just with a hair more powder.

I also load the 100 Gr XTP in .32 Mag for power.


I doubt to your power level though. :)
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