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No you are not the only one. 380 seems to be the hardest hit by the ammo shortage. Things seem to be getting better though. I have managed to get my 380 stock pile back up in the last month. Just keep looking.
Compared to the other calibers .380 isn't that popular, so there wasn't all that much .380 available when the obama scare started. Add to that the flood of new .380 pocket pistols, the availability of .380 ammo is way worse than the rest of the pistol ammo.

Personally, I reload so this ammo shortage has had little to no effect on me.
Funny thing. A couple months ago I found 1,400 rounds of .380 factory ammo I forgot I had.:)
Am I the only one having a hard time finding 380 ammo?

What the heck is going on?
No, locally all I've found in the last 6 months was Prvi at $32.00

The story that gets repeated often is .380 is a limited run on the 9mm loaders but it been over a year now and I'd of thought someone would have run a batch by now.
If you live where there is a Cabela's; they have plenty: mostly in Hungarian under Browning Short....
I've got the dies, brass, hard-cast lead bullets & primers to load them, but finding JHP's for .380 is tough. Also seems the hardest factory ammunition to find is Hornady Critical Defence. LM
Haven't seen much .380 ACP in a long, long time now. The little that I have seen of late, PMC Brass, has to be the absolute dirtiest, filthiest ammo I've ever used. I picked up a bunch of it at Christmas and while I'm happy to have at least something on hand, I can't believe the mess it leaves behind. If you see and buy it, be sure to clean often.
.380 has been popular since John Browning made guns for it and they are enjoying a resurgence right now...but it is difficult to find and when you do it will be more expensive than it should be...
I got 300 rounds of independence FMJ for $18.99/50rnds recently. There's a regular supply in my area, but the prices range from $18 to $32 a box, depending on the store and the ammo brand. A month ago i got a few boxes of golden sabers to cover SD needs for quite awhile, but JHPs are scarcer the FMJ target rounds.
Is PMC "dirty"?

I've seen a good bit of PMC in my area, in 380 and in 9mm. I thought I had read that it was a high quality product. Is it really that much dirtier than other brands? I bought several boxes recently, thinking it's good stuff...but haven't shot it yet.
Well wonders of all wonders, I was walking through one of my local Wally-Worlds (we have 3) and while in sporting goods, I looked in the ammo display, and there all by itself a single 50 rd. box of Remington .380 FMJ, for $17.95. Well wonders ever cease, as I haven't seen any .380 ammo at Wally-World forever. Oh yes! I did buy it! LM
I'm not saying this is old news, but I'm having trouble finding recharger packs for my phase pistols right now, and I leave on the shuttle for Mars tomorrow.
I've seen a good bit of PMC in my area, in 380 and in 9mm. I thought I had read that it was a high quality product. Is it really that much dirtier than other brands? I bought several boxes recently, thinking it's good stuff...but haven't shot it yet.
I shoot PMC Bronze a lot, in 9mm and .45acp mostly. It's good stuff, IMO. I like their 158gr JSP .357 load too.
Reload guys! I have a Lee turrent press set up for .380, 9mm, and M1 carbine. My Dillon SDB is in .38, and my Dillion 550 in .45 ACP

The cost of 95gr .380 slugs is not much more than 9mm 115s and the same powder and primers are used.

Yes I pay $6 per 50 for my reloaded .380s. An considering how much .380s cost in the store, why it's well worth it!
I was in wally world in Holton Kansas this afternoon. I bought two of there probably 8 or so 100 round value packs. Price was $35 for Winchester bulk 95 gr FMJ. Yesterday in Topeka I bought a box of 50 for $15.00. I no that 9mm is getting more abundant. Walmart had at least 40 boxes of Winchester white box and round 20 boxes of the orange box stuff.
It's not just you...but I did finally score a 50rnd box of 380 auto at wally world today too bad they didn't have any more.
Showing up pretty regular around here at gun stores, but not at large box retailers yet. .38 special is scarce too.
Watch online sites for MidwayUSA and Cabela's. They had .380 Prvi Partizan and Fiocchi back in January. When you see it, buy all you can cause as you know its hard to find at times.
Here's some in Orlando!

I haven't seen any .380 at Walmart (or Bass Outlet, or Dick's Sporting Goods)
for well over 6 months...and my supply of range rounds was running low.

Just two hours ago I was in the Walmart on Turkey Lake Road (south of Sand Lake Rd.) and just happened to walk through sporting goods.
To my amazement they had 8 100 rd. Valu-Paks of WWB 90gr. FMJ @ $30 per box. I bought 3. If you hurry, there were 5 still on the shelf!

Well, here's an update -- and a surprise. I walked into a gun shop in the central part of the state on Saturday and found a table set up in the front of the store with all sorts of ammo aboard, including .25, .32, 40 S&W, .45 ACP, lots of .22 bulk -- and American Eagle .380 ACP for .$13.99 a box, with a limit of two. I walked up to the counter with two boxes,a nd the clerk -- because he knows me -- asked if I wanted tny more. I said that sure, I could use a couple more boxes, so I got them. I then went back today and picked up two more boxes.

It was something of a shock to find it at all, and it was an even greater surprise to find it priced so low. And it sure beat having to order online.
As for factory ammo: I recently scored two 50-rd boxes of PMC for $12.50 per box.

I do reload, and am waiting on brass from MidwayUSA.

It seems to me that the brass is more rare than the factory ammo, at least around here in WV. Once that brass arrives...I'm done for the year!
Today i found 2 boxes of THIS at walmart in Haleyville, Al. I just thought I'd stop in since I was passing the store....


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