44mag riffle or blkout

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Mar 6, 2014
Im wanting a blkout because of ease of getting brass. But i also want the 44 revolver riffle both would be used for hunting. Which would be better
Two completely different cartridges. I would only consider blackout if I was suppressing the rifle. Personally I think blackout is a fad and lacks as a cartridge when compared with others. 44 mag has been around for ages and a lot more guns chambered for it.
Im not concerned about it being flatter im more concerned about hunting aspect
Either will work, I would choose the 44 mag. I don't about where you live but I've never had trouble getting 44 mag brass.
I live in nc im leaning to the 44 i have an ar they are the same price but i would have a second gun with the 44 instead of 1 1/2 gun.thanx for info
I like .300 Blackout for several reasons. As the OP mentioned, brass is pretty easy to acquire. The conversion only requires changing barrels on an AR. The .300 Blackout has about the same recoil as a 5.56, which is to say, negligible recoil. You have the option of loading pretty fast 110gr bullets all the way out to subsonics over 200 gr.

Friend of mine is manufacturing and selling all the .300 Blackout that he can, @ 30k-or-so per week. The Navy SEALS and other miiitary units are using .300 Blackout.

I haven't tried my .300 Blackout at any distance beyond 100 yds, because that's the limit at our local range; however, I'm shooting some pretty small groups with it. Lots of my local friends hunt hogs, and they absolutely love the .300 Blackout for hog hunting. I'm sure it'd be fine for deer out to 150 yds-or-so.

I do shoot suppressed, and, of course, .300 Blackout is excellent for suppression.
So a simple barrel swap or a whole new rifle. If you were choosing a new rifle in 44mag, which ones are you looking at? Also, if you reload, you can get some pretty impressive numbers out of a 44 and 240 JPS's. If you think you might want to suppress, the Blk is definitely a viable option. But save your brass. I don't think the 300 Blk will be as popular in a few years. It's only real benifit is when suppressed. It doesn't have great range when compared to a 5.56 or .308. However, 300-400 yard/meter shots, I would think, would be fairly UNcommon in NC. So, hunting a high line clearing from a boxblind....300. Timber hunting.....44.

Yes, obviously by my name I'm a big bore fan. And a fan of the 44 mag. But I'm TRYING to be unbiased guys.
If your range is 75 yds or less, I'd got with the 44 mag. The 44 mag is pretty easy on brass so you get many firings out it. An integrally suppressed 44 mag rifle is the cat's meow for close quarters deer hunting.
with the 44mag , you can get a lever gun, an auto loader, a bolt gun, a single shot , a revolver rifle or a hand gun , , so many more choices with the 44mag , and brass life is long , I've only had some loose primer pockets , never split a case , and there is a lot of factory ammo out there for the 44mag , there are uses for the 300BLK , but there are far more with the 44mag
So a simple barrel swap or a whole new rifle.

Not really quite that simple, if you really plan to swap very often you'll need: barrel with barrel nut & delta ring setup, along with gas block & gas tube, and possibly hand guard retainer depending on your hand guards. Also possibly different hand guards if the barrel lengths are very different.

Not to mention dealing with POA/POI shifts when switching.
Big difference in cartridges. One designed to be suppressed and one a straight wall magnum pistol round. I would be looking at the .450 bushmaster or the .50 Beowulf.
If you're going to run an AR platform and/or a suppressor, go with the .300 BLK. Otherwise, I'd opt for the .44 mag. Other than feed through an AR (with appropriate barrel), there isn't anything a supersonic .300 BLK round can do that can't be done better by a .308 Win or .30-06. The .44 mag is a proven hunting round from a carbine, and you can stick it in your wheel gun, to boot.

I like the .300 BLK, and am setting up to reload for it. But I'm working on subsonic loads only, planning to run them through a can. If not for that, I'd stick with my .308s.
My plan is the circuit judge carbine 44 or lever 44 the blackout would be complete upper not barrel swap. I like the 556 round. I think im going with the 44 thanks every one
I'm sorry but the blackout is not a fad, Winchester WSM's were fads but 300 blk has been adopted by to many SRT and SWAT teams to be a fad. Every major AR manufacturer is producing a 300 BLK rifle. It serves it's purpose way to well in a SBR platform. I have both, but if I was hunting big game I'd go 300 if you plan on shooting over 100 yards.
Few people know that AAC was acquired by Remington, or whatever their name is now. They are making model 700's, and H&r handi's in 300 blk. Smith and Wesson, Daniel Defense, Remington R 15, Core, diamond back and spikes Tactical all make AR's in 300 blk. And then there is the fact that it is based off of 223/ 5.56 brass and easily manufactured.
I would go 44 magnum in a heartbeat. If you want an AR that will be used for hunting there are several rounds to choose from that are far better than the 300blk and better suited for a multipurpose rifle. The 300blk was designed from the ground up to be suppressed, supersonic loadings are an afterthought and equivalent to a 30-30.
If it was me, I would choose the 44 mag for both hunting and/or plonking. IMO, as many has stated, the blackout is a passing fad. With that said I don't think it will completely go away just because it is a 30 cal round in an AR15 that suppresses really well. I do think the majority of people who have them don't own suppressors and will eventually move on to something that better suits their needs without a suppressor. I know several people who own the BO and not one of them owns a suppressor but most of them talk about getting rid of the gun or upper.

This is just what I would do if I was in your shoes.
I have both, but I really like my Marlin 1894 in 44 Mag. A 240gr bullet at 1,800 fps hits hard on game out to 100+ yards (all I need here in Ga). If you ever get into reloading, I can reload straight wall pistol cartridges like the 44 Mag nearly 5 times faster. Easily load up 150/hr. can't do that with 300 BLK.
If you can't find a Marlin, the Rossi's are pretty nice too. I have a Rossi m92 in 357 Mag and it is pretty sweet as well. Honestly, even cheaper to shoot than either of the other 2. Hits plenty hard with a 180gr WFNGC hard cast bullet. Plenty for GA deer out to 100 yards too.
I like my Blackout for a future supressor, but know you HAVE to be a reloader in that caliber or you won't be doing much shooting.
Unless you a) plan on using a suppressor and b) reload, go with the .44. .300 AAC is a niche round and finding commercial ammo for it can be problematic with few choices at best. It will likely go the route of .45 GAP and .327 Fed mag as far as popularity.
If you ever get into reloading, I can reload straight wall pistol cartridges like the 44 Mag nearly 5 times faster.

Very true, one of the reasons I really enjoy shooting .44 is that it is so easy and quick to load back up in comparison to my rifle reloads. For some reason, the whole case lubing and de-lubing process is by far my least favorite part of reloading.

I'm sure the 300 is fun suppressed, but what I'd really like is a magnum rated .45 can that could be used on something like a threaded 77/44. 300 grains of quiet thump and enough frontal area for effective subsonic deer and hog hunting.
The Navy SEALS and other miiitary units are using .300 Blackout.

300 blk has been adopted by to many SRT and SWAT teams

And I could assert that even more have adopted other calibers. The majority don't have that kind of budget money, tho, and paying double for commercial ammo isn't a big qualifier for the money maven at the office level. The .Gov handout rifles aren't getting modified because they are the property of Uncle Sam and subject to return.

Let's not make unsubstantiated claims about the .300BO, it HAS been around as the .300 Whisper for decades and just because Remington got behind it as the required accessory for their suppressor sales hasn't justified it for the budget mongers at the local level.

.44 or .300BO? Not only two different ballistic curves, but two different guns shooting it. Goes to the OP being conflicted over which GUN he would like to buy, not the cartridge.

At best, we could then discuss "which is better, the Ruger or AR15?" Do we really need to go over that ground again?

The issue is that the OP needs to specify exactly what his range and target is going to be for the rifle, not jump ahead to the cartridge - especially where the two are significantly divergent not only in ballistics but the type of gun shooting it.

Of course, it could then boil down that neither were the optimal solution, and something entirely different would be the better choice. Risky, that. But it would deliver better results, which is the point.
There is a reason the 44 mag has been around for 58 years and still popular. It was adopted for carbines shortly after it's introduction. It has a reputation as one of the very best 100 yard hunting cartridges. If you reload brass and bullets will be less expensive and require about half the time. A straight wall case is a snap to reload. I've gone to all straight wall cartridges for that reason.

300 may be around for a long time but it is a specialized rifle cartridge. They come and go. Why limit yourself?
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