6.5-06 would you neck up 25-06 or neck down .270

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Oct 20, 2011
Ok guys I’m sold on the 6.5 -06 Asquare so here is my Question is would you neck up 25-06 or neck down .270 I don’t want to neck turn my brass
If I were you I would neck up the 25-06 brass. I have both a 25-06 and a 6.5-06 and chose to use 270 brass necked down for the 6.5-06 to avoid any confusion. Necking down 270 doesn't require I turn the neck (for my chamber). They do tend to be on the thicker side on the end and thinner towards the shoulder so I turn them just so it's more consistent.
I think I would neck up a 25-06. If you neck down a 270 you will have more to trim off of the neck. A 25-06 case is 2.494 in length where as a 270 is 2.540. Also, the 270 case will get even longer when it is sized down. The neck on a 25-06 will stay thin while the 270 may get thicker when the brass is worked. The shoulder on both cases will get thinner when they are pushed forward to the shape of the improved chamber.
I would always use .270 brass and trim it to the exact chamber length -.005".
New of used .25-06 brass is not that common and I own a .25-06.
The .270 is popular in my area but no one seems to reload for it so once fired brass is plentiful.
BTW I have necked USGI LC66 Match .30-06 brass down to .25-06 and I did not have to turn the necks.
I have used 25-06, 270 and 30-06 brass for my 6.5-06AI. I have to turn the necks on all for my chamber. With 30-06 brass I step down the necks using a 7mm mag die.
Sorry to say I would do neither. I don't like producing brass from different cases unless absolutely necessary. I would sell off the .270 brass and buy some 6.5-06 A-Square brass.

If you are set on producing your 6.5-06 brass I would neck up the 25-06 brass for sure. The neck on the 25-06 case is .290" and the neck on the 6.5-06 is .296" . A difference of only .006" is very small and will cause little trauma to the brass and will not work harden the neck.
Either one will work - as long as you don't already have a 25-06 or a 270.
I"m making 256 Newton brass out of 270 brass as I already have 2 25-06's and don't want to risk putting the wrong one in the rifle.
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