6.8 SPC Uppers?

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Jul 5, 2004
Iowa City, IA
This is sort of a sister thread to my other post about the Stag Arms lowers.

What are the normal going prices of 6.8 SPC uppers? I saw one company advertising in Shotgun News selling them for 365, and that seems like a good deal, but I was wondering what other companies are selling them and what seems to be the normal going rate.

I've looked around and it seems that there are some companies charging insane prices ($650 +) while some are closer to $400.

Also, I'm not that familiar with AR rifles, and I was wondering what are the some of the companies who make uppers, yet are less well known. I have no desire to buy anything from Bushmaster (price), I would not buy from Colt, and as much as I would like to get something from Armalite or DPMS, I suspect that it would be too expensive. I planning in using a Stag Arms lower, so I was thinking about using an upper from another non-major company.
+1 to that inquiry. I've been considering the 6.8 too.

I've only eyeballed this one: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Page4.html

Bravocompany is an established dealer on ARFcom and I've ordered from them before so I would feel comfortable purchasing their product. However I too wish to know which other offerings are good (and cheap is always better).
I just came across the company advertising in SGN...Model 1 Sales. They have 6.8 SPC uppers for only $365-$400.

That seems like a great price, but does anyone have any experiance with model 1?
You'll forget about 6.8 when you get around to shopping for ammunition... Let's just say that the cost of the upper will suddenly pale...
Prices of 6.8SPC uppers follow closely the price for a similar quality upper in 5.56. You can buy something cheap which will probably run and might shoot good, or you can buy something expensive which will is guaranteed to run and shoot very well.

In perspective, the 6.8 mags are not that bad. They are a low volume item requiring more advanced manufacturing than 5.56 USGI mags with lots of R&D invested. Note that the H&K 5.56 M16 magazines are almost 2x the price of the PRI 6.8SPC mags.

I too have been looking at getting a 6.8 upper from Model1. I have used several of their 5.56 kits in the past and I feel that they make a decent product for a good price. They are also good people to deal with. Just my $0.02
Is there anyplace that is actually selling 6.8spc ammo? I've been watching Midway for months now and everything seems to say "Coming Soon"
I built my rifle with a Model 1 Upper a couple of months ago.

I'm very happy with the quality (I was hesitant because I opted for the flip-up front and removable rear sights) and don't have any complaints about my kit--besides, it was shipped to me a week and a half earlier than I had been told to expect it. So far the rifle runs very well, and I'm pricing one of their 6.8 kits :)
I've been sitting on my hands watching the 6.8 saga develop. I'm interested in trying it out but the very spotty availablity of ammo and brass is putting me off.

The 6.5 Grendel is also very interesting but the fact I can't just buy a barrel and bolt but have to buy a damned expensive complete upper is also putting me off. This is really annoying since I can't even get a reamer without swearing fealty and oaths of allegiance and pots and pots of money to alexander arms. So I can't even spin a 6.5mm blank barrel at reasonable cost. Why they just can't sell the barrel and bolt is beyond me.

The 6.? question will not be resolved for me until one of these 2 problems is sorted out.
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