7.62 Yahweh cartridge, is anyone familiar with it?

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I wouldn’t shoot anything from someone that would let a “wife’s friend” touch off rounds that weren’t disclosed to him.
Having been on the receiving end of a clandestinely inserted 3inch magnum turkey load, when we were shooting clays with target loads, it just isn’t funny. It’s dangerous frat-boy antics.

The wow factor is the same when someone knows what they are shooting. Surprising them with unknown loads shouldn’t be necessary. Or was that the point? The difference can only be felt if one doesn’t know it’s been overloaded? Then they can be convinced of how much better is was, simply from the increased recoil of an overloaded round?

I’ve been to the website.
When you get there, there’s no “there” there…

All the things we’ve asked to see, and were given, “come to the website and look” are not found there.

I have faith, it does not extend to firearms, or cartridges that defy math. I’m going need some factual proof there, not unrealistic made up numbers, not anecdotal reports of “friends to the inventer.”
Perhaps we are “spouting off” because we an actual understanding of what we speak…

100% on all of the above
It's so weird these several people that have this round, and have actually shot it all tell of its praises but have ZERO factual evidence to back it up. Does not a single person with this cartridge not own a chronograph or own a camera to at least show pics of a loaded round and a fired case?

I'm not saying the cartridge doesn't exist at all, but the performance claims being made with the info we have been given just don't add up.

Take a look at what can be achieved with the SAAMI approved and documented performance of the 30 Rem AR, then compare it to this 7.62 Y cartridge, it's easy to see it just don't jive.
One last question for @The inventer then I’ll wait for him to provide more info.

When your video moves to a discussion on this new cartridge you’re displaying what looks like a patent certificate on your left. While It’s obvious that you’re associating that patent with this cartridge you make no mention of it in the video.

Did you file for and receive a patent for this cartridge? If so, patents are public record so would you mind providing the patent number?

If the patent certificate has nothing to do with this new cartridge let us know that too.
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These numbers came from the strain gauge the piezoelectric numbers were higher but 52,000 is the limit

If you’re publishing data which you know to be misrepresenting the chamber pressure in the sale of your products, that’s pretty obviously fraud. Not to mention that misrepresenting pressure data for a rifle cartridge is flatly unsafe.

Pretty sure I heard a story once about God sending some dude down a mountain with a couple handfuls of rules, and it seems to me that a rule about lying was among them…
Did you file for and receive a patent for this cartridge? If so, patents are public record so would you mind providing the patent number?

Richard Gemmrig of Oregon, US Patent No. 11,060,828 - which is limited in scope by the claims to the 17•30’ + 30• shoulder angle when applied to 30 cal bullets being used in 7.62x39mm cartridge cases…

So he wasted 5 grand to prevent someone else from having the same bad idea.
I think what some of these rather well versed reloaders are telling you inventer [sic] is put up or shut up. No powder manufacturer lists your 7.62 cartridge, you've posted no data tested by an independent ballistics lab, and you present numbers we all doubt. If you're asking us to take it on faith, call me Thomas.
It's so weird these several people that have this round, and have actually shot it all tell of its praises

Yes, it’s so weird that multiple people joined this forum within a day of eachother to address this thread, and so weird that they both use the same run on sentence and rambling speech pattern… if this were Vegas, what’s the line on those users having the same IP address?
To cut the man some slack, I'm sure he's talked to his real life friends about it and they probably are amazed at it being such a cool thing they came here to defend him.
On his video someone (maybe him) mentioned the Ruger mini-30 as well as a possible candidate for this cartridge, so i'm not the only one.
The only niche I can see for this cartridge is if it's a one part reamer mechanism that you can easily ream the chamber of any 7.62x39 chambered rifle, to add slightly more powder capacity. There are already .308 loaded x39s out there so there wouldn't be much use for it.
He should get it SAAAMI inspected.
After reading some of these posts, I felt it was wrong to spout off about something you don't understand.
I said what I said because I am skeptical. I am still skeptical.
I am not so much interested in using this round but I am curious. A 7.62x39 that moves like a Service Rifle 7.62 NATO round would be interesting indeed. But I also want to know how the guns you all are using for testing hold up to numerous rounds fired.
Also, I have yet to see pressure data on the cartridge, unless, of course, I missed something along the way.
If the author of this claim cannot produce any drawings/ actual dimensions & actual pressure tested data, I suggest this entire thread be closed. EDIT : Deleted
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No this should remain here for reference, if only it's the only lengthy discussion on the 7.62 Yahweh. Plus any investigation from mods should be posted here, in case something is afoot.
I feel bad for the guy if this is the first time he's been called in a forum.
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