7.62x39 ammo if AWB passes

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Sep 26, 2010
The only rifle I own that would be considered "military" is an SKS with detachable mags do I am not an expert on assualt weapons. Illness I am missing something wouldn't all rifles chambered in 7.63x38 be effected by the proposed AWB? If so and it does pass what would happen to the ammo (assuming no more guns made here for that chambering)? I am scared I own a future paperweight
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There are 7.63 x 39 bolt rifles. Nobody knows what
the effect of a new anti gun bill will have, since we
don't have a new law, yet. I have a Norinco model D
and sure do like it.:D
Yeah I guess it is too early to tell I just wonder if the ammo will still be produced in the long run if no new guns in that offering are produced
There is life outside of the AK-47 and SKS for x39. Same for .223 and the AR-15.
Yeah dies I cheap (I reload for everything but 7.63x39) but the brass is so expensive and hard to find I never bothered

Also thanks guys it is good to know about the other guns
The 7.62X39 is really hard to find right now.

Just in case you guys might want to know. Cabelas has "Herters" 7.62X39 for $250.00 for 1000 rounds.

I have been told that "Herters" ammo is repackaged Wolf. Whatever, I chanced it and bought 1000 rounds.
So keep the gun and whatever ammo you have until you really need it (the end of the world, z-day, whatever)

There is life without freedom, as the North Koreans show. There is life without it, certainly, as the Brits show. There has always been life. There can be life without free speech, too.

The concern here is not about toys. It is about arbitrary loss of freedom that would not make the country safe. The concern - perhaps even disgust - is the almost gleeful use of these young deaths to further a political cause. Indeed, disgust that the ones profiting most from this are the media and left wing politicians. The media is reaping millions of dollars right now...merchants of death. Just as Jesse Jackson smeared Martin Luther King Jr.'s blood on his sweater following his murder, leftist like Feinstein wipe the blood of these innocents on their speeches.

By the way, military rounds include a vast number of rounds and includes many popular hunting rounds.
What worries me is that Obama can (and will) sign an executive order to ban the importation of ammo. To me, AK's are designed to fire Russian steel case ammo, which is what makes them so attractive for those of us who are not rich. Shooting the AK will double in cost over night...and not do anything to prevent another mass shooting or any other crime.
there probably wont even be any new laws... we all know that laws wont protect people and the reason the original AWB was allowed to expire was because of how utterly useless it was
I shoot a lot of the steel cases Russian ammo but also have a big pile of Winchester 7.62X39 cases I've picked up over the years and kept just in case importation is stopped. Dies run about 25 bucks and the Win cases use large rifle primers.
I am scared I own a future paperweight

I doubt that is what it will become. However "if" it were to pass (and everything I have heard so far is not "Retro-active") since there are bolt-action 7.62X39mm rifles out there the ammo will not go away, the ammo is way too popular for that to happen. If you are that worried than yes reload and hoard your brass casings. If the AWB takes into effect I think more companies will begin to focus more on designing the bolt-action in this caliber. Many have already done it in the past, some no longer carry them in bolt-action just due to the lack of demand for them at that time. In all reality would the vast majority of people pay $500 for a NIB bolt-action 7.62X39mm or would they buy a semi-auto for the same price or less, but if they have no other option to choose from and want to continue shooting a good all round "cheap" to shoot 300 yarder in their safe than the demand will be there. IMO
I shoot a lot of the steel cases Russian ammo but also have a big pile of Winchester 7.62X39 cases I've picked up over the years and kept just in case importation is stopped. Dies run about 25 bucks and the Win cases use large rifle primers.

I've been fighting it and fighting it...but it is inevitable: I have to start reloading. I just don't have the time. I guess I won't have a choice eventually.
I bought some Wolf 7.62x39 from Grafs today. $.29 per round which is a bit high but you can buy per box of 10 if you don't want 1000 rounds. shipping was a flat $5.95 and I spent $400 with some other items.
If the first time you felt that twich in the back of your mind that you might have to start reloading some day, you started putting tools and components away, l, bet you would be in a much better position.

With that said even if you don't pull the leaver for another 20 year's the time to start hoarding is now.
we dont need to worry about a lack of importation of 7.62x39 im sure there are plenty of russians who are willing to smuggle it in, just like they have in every other country around the world with bans.
According to the ATF, 7.62x39 is pistol ammo as well. I'm not saying it isn't, but the last ban had nothing to do with ammo, so if that's the metric, your sks should be safe. However should the new ban be further reaching to include ammunition, you may consider investing in reloading equipment. It's seldom a bad idea to add such capabilities to your arsenal.
I reload for 7.62x39mm, and the brass lasts a LONG time with medium loads. Berry's makes a great plated 125grain bullet for the caliber, as well that works very well in my CZ 527M bolt action rifle. I also cast for the caliber - can be done in both bolt and gas guns.
There are so many AK's, SKS's, and other guns in 7.62x39 that unless they outlaw the caliber someone will be manufacturing it by the pallet. It might not be as cheap as surplus 7.62x39 is currently, but it should still be affordable.

Plenty of US manufacturer's make the round.

7.62x39mm is so ubiquitous it will NEVER go away.

Not now.. not ever. There's simply too many AK's in the world, and too many ammo plants cranking the stuff out all over Europe, Russia, and domestically.
I'm glad I have several cases of 7.62X39. I bought it from Centerfire Systems several years go for $69.00 per 1,000. 9mm was the same price but I shot up my stash of it.
The 7.62x39 will always be on the shelves even if no more is imported.

Just look at the 7.62x25 after the foreign surplus dried up. US ammunition manufacturers stepped in and carried the burden. Oh wait, that was foreign ammo manufacturers such as Prvi Partizan and Sellier & Bellot? Well Winchester sold... oh, those were made by S&B? Nevermind.

I'm just joshing! It will be around as long as demand is around. That's the way the market works. $4 boxes of Russian made ammo may go the way of the dodo bird, but $16 might still get you a box (which is what Federal is asking during the days of plentiful LVE, Barnaul, etc).

What I'm trying to allude to here is that I sincerely hope importation of ammunition isn't ever put on the chopping block.
Stop it; stop it; stop it! Please, let us stop conceding this new law as if it is inevitable. It may be, yes - but a defeatist attitude won't help. Let us put our angst, energy, and concern into writing, calling, campaigning and other forms of positive political action. We are not the bad guys.
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