A .40 or another 9mm?

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Sep 23, 2012
I currently have and carry a P30 V2 in 9mm, and I'm pretty convinced it's the best 9mm on the market right now. A lot of carry gurus, self-proclaimed and otherwise, advocate having a spare of your carry gun, in order to practice with, if the primary goes down, etc.

While that makes a lot of sense to me, I'm strongly considering picking up another P30 in .40 S&W instead. I honestly couldn't tell you why - I know on an intellectual level there's very little difference in terminal ballistics between modern 9mm loads and .40 - but for some reason I just like the idea of the very slightly larger bullet. It'd be another P30 V2, so same controls, same holsters, same everything except caliber. I'd have the 9mm to practice with and as a spare, and carry the .40.

Good idea, or should I stick with the 9mm?
As someone who only shoots .40....just stick with the 9mm.

I only shoot .40 because it's what I have to carry at work (agency mandated). If I was left to my own devices I'd just shoot 9mm.

I don't have a problem with .40, it's nice to have a slightly larger bullet I guess, but with modern hollow point technology the difference between 9mm is minimal, and I'd rather have the extra few rounds.

To sum it up, you have something that works and works well, there is no need to change.
I'd also stick with 9mm since it's going to be an identical pistol. That way all your mags will work in either gun, and you eliminate the possibility of a mag / caliber mix up. The idea of the spare pistol is that it be identical right down to the caliber.
Could get a P30 L?
I have a V3 and I've been considering this myself.
Compared to the alternative of buying two of the same exact gun, yeah. I'd go with the 40... first. If you're a fan of the P30, collect 'em all!

I dunno what these guru's are all smoking. They're probably CCing highly customized or out of production guns. If your P30 goes down, I think know a few places where you can buy a new one. If you do a lot of classes or competition, well that's another story.
I'm pretty convinced it's the best 9mm on the market right now
We're always convinced of that each time we buy the "best" gun. Buying two just means you have 2 second best guns the next time you fall in love. :)
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I've got about ten different calibers to feed my 13 or 14 guns and with my small budget for ammo, it's kind of a pain. I'd say stick to the 9mm, it's cheaper. I suppose if you feel undergunned or inadequit with 9mm, I suppose you could diversify, but like someone else said, with the right carry ammo, there's not enough of a difference to worry about it.
Own and reload for 9mm, .38, .44, .45 and a collection of rifles too. Don't own a .40 and can't see getting one.

Ballistically, 9 and 45 are nearly as / more effective on paper. In reality, a wash IMO.

Practically, 9 has more firepower and 45 makes a bigger hole. Also, I just don't need or want another caliber to load for, fret over. Any more, simpler is better for me. My $.02.
I advocate owning, if you can afford multiple guns, at least one pistol in all the common chamberings (based on range pickup: .45, .40, 9mm, and .380). That way, when the things we don't talk about on THR come around, you'll be able to shoot any of the ammo you're most likely to have the opportunity to acquire.

Of course, that means also having a few mags and enough ammo to get used to the gun, even if you don't shoot it much.

Acquiring a gun in .40 only as the situation demands it is not the same; in that instance, you could have an unfamiliar gun that shoots .40 and presumably some ammo, but you might not have suitable proficiency with either.
I will add that I have a P30L v2 in .40 and it is a great gun; although I am going to conver it to V1 next week.
Have you shot a lot of .40S&W? Just bear in mind that you will be giving up some things to get that slightly larger bullet. Also, if you're switching over to a .40S&W as your CCW, you want to practice with .40S&W - not 9mm. As such, if that's your plan and you want a backup practice gun, then you probably should buy TWO .40S&W P30's.
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