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A letter home from a soldier...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ScottsGT, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Columbia, SC
    One of my coworkers has a son over in Iraq doing what he loves best. Yesterday she sent us a copy of one of his E-mails home after a friend was killed in action at the University of Baghdad. I'm going to edit out some of the "touchy-feely" stuff to Mom and get to the "meat and pototos" of the story.

    Change that thought, the whole letter deserves to be posted. Here goes:

    hey mom

    Glad to talk to ya the other day. It felt good to hear someone other than the people I work with. Sorry it was so short, since Im the computer genius here(and I really dont know anything, that just shows the kinda people I work with) Im always getting called to fix this and fix that. All I wanted to do was surf the internet or play games.:)

    Thanks for the pictures again, its good to see the faces I love.
    Got 1 of Holly and the baby from Bebe the day after yours got here.
    Now all I need is 1 of my godchild, (Erik's kid) from Cali.
    funny, people always ask whos kids I have on my wall, and I always say mine. then they look at me weird, but I love em like their mine, might as well claim them, now if I could only claim them come tax season.

    Thanks for all the stuff, see if you can find the Grandma's Homestyle cookies(big ones), Tom and Tille sent me a box of those and I had to hide them from people so I could get some. If not ask Tom and Tillie if they can send some more(Im hoping Im right that it was them, I never really got to see who sent them since the box was pulled from my hands time I opened it). Im still waiting on you and Leslea to bake some of those cookies yall made last time. I got a couple of people waiting to eat some when they get here. Homemade and other cookies that you cant get in the PX here are loved way to much(PX has Oreo's and chip Ahoys).

    Have fun on your Vacation before you do anything for me tho, I'll be here for awhile, so theres still plenty of time to send stuff.

    Let your friends at the blue star mothers know my soldiers and I really appreciate the stuff, and I got the email from Mrs. Parsons and will look into what 1AD units have soldiers not getting mail, but it might take a little bit. I still havent seen her daughter, she must not come around the HeadQuarters building. Which I wouldnt blame her, I try to stay as far away as I can, to many officers.

    I wrote to the Sylvania Telephone yesteraday, not sure if they will publish it, but I had time and we had just lost a soldier that was a friend of mine and felt like sending something out. It was hard, but its part of why we came over here and do what we do. I dont feel bad for him or me, I feel bad for his family, he always told me he would rather go down fighting for his country and family than laying in a hospital bed(Think thats why we got along so well). I'm waiting to write his wife and kid, she always liked me hanging around him(we kept each other from getting in trouble), so hopfully I can help. I know he was planning on staying in until he retired, wanted to become a Drill Sergeant so he could train soldiers. He had it planned to go Airbourne and Air Assault so that he could learn more to teach the soldiers he trained. Made me jealous some, but it was hard to be jealous of someone that had goals of taking care of others and his country. I cant say who he is until h
    is family has been notified, which by now they should have, but I havent gotten word of it.
    I was kinda wondering if I should have told you that, but I know you hear all kinds of stuff on the news, so I rather a soldier have a respectful death than one any news program could ever give. We are gonna have Roll Call tommorrow morning, its a tradition the military has to respect the fallen. We all get in fromation and soldiers names are called to answer here, when the fallen soldiers name is called, its called 3 times, then a bugle is played. a Salute is given and then honors. It mean alot more than a regular funeral.

    I need to go.
    Love you

    PS. Pass this around, he was more than just a story.
  2. RTFM

    RTFM member

    Apr 25, 2003
    Land of ID
    God bless every one of them. And bring them home safe.
  3. critter

    critter Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    southeast AR
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