A sprinfield xd for 3 gun?

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Jul 6, 2008
I want to buy a springfield xd 9 soon and Im trying to justify it to myself by saying I could use it for 3 gun because I want to try one of the matches as well. Has anyone tried the 4 inch service model and the 5 in tactical model and willing to give me some insight? Is the 1 inch extra worth it?
In general, longer sight radius is your friend when it comes to accurate shooting.

How much more is the Tactical than the standard in your area? How does it balance in your hand with a full magazine as opposed to the standard?
I own a 3" and 4", and have shot the 5". Like Skofnung said, generally the longer sight radius is an advantage. I went with the 4" for two reasons: 1) It flat out felt better in my hands. I prefered the balance it had. 2) I was going to use it as a winter CC, and OC it occasionally. The long barrel was more uncofortable for me in carry situations.

If it is going to be a game/range gun only, get the 5" if it feels good in your hands. If the 4" feels better, go with it. The extra 1" doesn't make that much of a difference for most shooters.
Keep in mind too, that the extra inch makes it much easier to make major in .40. 180 gr factory loadings are right on the edge of making major from a standard 4" Glock or XD barrel, so if you happen to get chronoed, and it happens to be cold, you might see your hit factor reduced dramatically. The 5" guns shoot a bit softer too, which makes the second shot that much faster.
The 4" seems to have a better balance to it and it cycles quicker. The 5" has a longer sight radis making longer range shot a little easier.

Both work very well especially with a little tuning.
i own a 3" and a 4" xd models, i have .40 models, but either way i think that i can give some insight.
over 6000rds through the 4" and approx 2k through the sc.

the tactical models don't do anythign for me, the service model is by far the pistol that i know and shoot best with. even more expensive guns. the 4" barrel is plenty accurate for defense and 3 gun. at 50yds i have no problem shooting 4.5" and if there was a better shooter pulling the trigger i am sure that it would be better. opne hole groups are had a 0-15yds all day long. the xd's are so easy to shoot good that is almost boring. (almost). also the xd 4" points and balances better for me than the 5" i say go for the xd, i think that you will be glad that you did. let us know what you descide.
I use a 4" for IDPA and 3 gun. Never felt the need for a 5", even though it has the cool name. I shoot IDPA with 3 guys who bought the 5", and went back to their 4", because they didn't think the 5" gave them and competitive advantage. I would put a Powder River trigger kit in whatever you get though.
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